Bonobos can't be taken seriously when every protest turns into a looting spree....S.A


That is what hungry people do, take advantage of chaos to get what you do not have at home. In those countries that doing well with welfare system, you enter supermarkets with your bags and nobody cares, because theft is rare

All humans are looters my friend

Nothing to do with being hungry. The rich are worse at looting.

jamaa amebeba nanocell na forklift banae:D:D:D:D
huyo lazima ni forklift operator alafu monday arudi job

Shida ni ufike home na smart tv 3 upate hauna kitu ya kusos for supper

Exactly,as he hates on sa binobos, when the British were protesting lockdowns ,we saw them looting Versace and Gucci .
We are all the same .

hata jana england imepigwa mafans wameona war waitaliano , so waache kutuambia ujinga

Unauza moja upate kiruma

Hazifikirii hivo, otherwise zingebeba atleast ka juice