Bonobos are never beating the IQ allegations.

Watu wamechoka buana @Sambamba. Also what “vast resources” does Senegal have :D:D:D. The bonobo who cheated Africans that they have “vast resources” should be looked for and publicly executed for lying to millions of people with such reckless abandon.



Uncle Toms inafaa mu-organize international conference mnyonyane mboro sagwasagwa.

Nitakuconnect with a hot Israeli tranny wewe kijana

@Tom Bayeye ni single father. Baby mama yake aliingia mitini after observing she had propagated beta male DNA

Malisaa hio ghaseer…[SIZE=1]oh shït it’s me:D:D:D:D [/SIZE][SIZE=4]what’s up cock gobbler?[/SIZE]

the unintended pun in sagwasagwa :smiley:

Temporary pain for long term success is worth it

West Africa ndiyo HQ ya bonobos

It is better to be colonised by omusungu than a fellow nyeuthi. If in doubt, look at how colonialists Jambas and Jangathi are ruling the colony of Kwinya.