Bonobos Are beyond Help. Kenya Hit By Severe Drought Despite Rift Valley Fresh Water Lakes Flooding

Lake Turkana is expanding rapidly despite four failed rainy seasons, devastating the livelihoods of pastoralists hit by the effects of man-made climate change. It is estimated that it has expanded by more than 10% over the last decade, swallowing up around 800 sq km (308 sq miles) of land. A couple of years ago a weather system called the Indian Ocean Dipole caused record rains to fall over East Africa. As well as causing misery at the time, they also saturated the lands that feed into the great lakes of Kenya’s Rift Valley, including Lake Turkana.


Lake Turkana is greatly underutilized.


Lake bogoria is about to kill lake baringo, only seven kilometres separates them

The government is reluctant to empower Kenyans. They know we will demand more from them.

Low IQ bonobo take on the issue.

Hii maji ingekuwa inatumika kukuza mpunga huko plains za marsabit.

All these RiftValley lakes are like natural dams and much safer than artificial dams, they can never collapse

Egypt ni dry kuliko Turkana na wako na mpunga excess mpaka wana export.

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Let’s have a civil discussion and qualify your statement. How exactly is the government reluctant to empower Kenyans?

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Long long ago most of those lakes were interjoined. Lake Magadi and Lake Natron were also conjoined. Remember in 2017 there were huge cracks in Naivasha, that means the Great Rift Valley is still active. Some lakes will disappear and new ones will form, we don’t know when.

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Artificial dams along river Turkwell will make positive changes rather than clapping hands during flooding as fresh water heads to meet the saline water in Lake Rudolf.

Only one dam present, Turkwell gorge whose preparation budget rose from 4b to 20b. Ilibidi wafaranza wajitoe.