Bonobos agree to hand over president to mzungus' kangaroo Court for trial


Don’t you know that Africans are just free slaves?

There’s nothing worse than a slave who thinks he is free. Bonobos can’t be helped

Fala kama huyu unamwambia nini?[ATTACH=full]286823[/ATTACH]

Imagine it takes a kangaroo court to knock sense into Africans brains.

Wueh mwarabu hapendi ujinga. Watarusha huyo ghassia Hague sanctions zitolewe.

But Elbashir Ni fala I thought alijipanga. Kama alikosa MTU mwaminifu to take over angechomoka Kama ameingia Saudi Arabia Ama Russia. Jinga kabisa

Ruto should be very afraid

A black man only gives up office by death or by the bullet.

He’ll demand 90 % of the revenue being carried by those pipes but of you tell him “OK I’m out, I can’t work with your terms”
He won’t even have an idea how to extract the oil.

Elbashir is arabchieth

Arror just needs to enter into a simple agreement with the cartels that he will not tamper with their operations and all hurdles are removed.

Those are arabs, sirry

Does icc really help solving issues. To me its unfair only african nations are cooperating with

Si mjinga. Why do you think moi nipped people like koigi in the bud. To avoid this. Sitting in seat is a high risk game.

Arabs are in arabia

He is the president of which country?

Unfair to who. Can you ask the families of those who lost loved ones in the infractions if it is a fair process. Or the victims. Ask the women who were raped in RV and see if the process is fair? UN has various channels to administer justice. One happens to be ICC. Have you looked into the Rwanda tribunal- a similar UN justice process. Do you think Rwanda would have achieved anything by themselves. Or using the OAU? And remember ICC processes that brought to book Bosnia/ Herzegovina warmongers. Have you ever read about the Cambodia tribunal and see who drove it.

It can’t work seeing as he has already grouped himself with walala hoi who think he is one of them. Dynasties have already marked him. Me hopes huyo jamaa wa kuku is taking good notes on this saga.

Bado kuna shida. The only strong person who can protect Moi and Kenyatta dynasties is Ruto. Ile alternative iko ni Uhuru abaki kwa power. Si eti wako na choice. Kalonzo na Madvd ni weaklings hawaezi protect dollar billionaires pesa iende na Sam Pa wa 88 Queensway Group

Hii story yote ilianza na mkate. Watu walikosa mkate wakaanza ku riot…
Bashir akaona nikunoma akatoka na kuachia a puppet President amemueka hapo…
Huyo fala watu wakamkata… ndio ikabidi jeshi ichukue.
Calculation yake ilikuwa too late.

mseveni next asipo calculate poa juu
Raia inataka change