Bonoboland Teacher Allegedly Beat 8 Yr Old to Death For Failing Test

family is demanding justice after their daughter, Jenniffer Mitchelle allegedly died on school premises and her body dumped at the Mama Lucy Hospital.
Events started unfolding on May 19, 2021, when Mitchelle answered a question wrong in class and a teacher allegedly beat her to death.
Mitchelle’s mother, Hilda Achieng, waited for her daughter to leave school on that fateful day in vain.

The late Jenniffer Mitchelle (8) and her mother Hilda Achieng (R)

“I waited for her to come back at 5 pm together with the other Grade 2 pupils but she did not.

At around 5.30 pm, I asked her schoolmates but no one had seen her," Achieng stated.

Achieng unsuccessfully sought information from the school before decided to file a missing person’s report at the Kayole Police Station and go back home.

At around 9 pm on the same day, a police officer contacted her and she was informed that her daughter had been found.

“He told me that there was a child who fit my daughter’s description at the Mama Lucy Hospital but warned me against going alone,” she stated.

Upon reaching the hospital, Achieng found that her daughter was long dead.


Following the incident, seven activists went to the school to protest the matter on Tuesday, July 27.
They were, however, arrested and spent their night at the Soweto jail.

Achieng, who was among the protesters, demanded justice and stated that it was impossible for her to get past the death of her daughter.

“When I took her to school that morning, she was in good health and jovial,” she stated.

If someone does this to my kid, I’ll make it my business to serve him the same dose. Viboko adi afike kwa Nyasaye

This kaburu mentality of caning kids should not be allowed! If you slap a grown up man you might end up in jail.

That must have hurt

such a fucked up teacher demands mob beating.akinyimwa na bibi anapelekea watoto shida za bedroom yake.

Somehow some bonobos expect to be able beat someone to a higher IQ.

The man in the picture would look funny if we thought he was carrying firewood in school. But some of us have terrible memories of just such a creature as to tremble at the sight, with a mixture of fear and rage.

I’ll speak as a teacher.its always a big dilemma for teachers I tell you…an average African child must be pushed so that they the principal, parents, government will demand results from mi as a teacher.meaning I must demand results from my students…but personally I teach, guide the students and be a good teacher and go home.

Tribalism. Someone wanted the child dead

You should teach and go home. But I understand that parents, administration and your employer demand a lot from you in terms of producing good grades and failure to do so is not taken lightly. Anyway, what I know is that the African child is not self-motivated and has to be caned sometimes in order for them to read and pass exams. The only downside is that some teachers take the caning to extreme levels.

An eye for an eye, that teacher should also die

It is true some teachers go overboard and pour frustrations to students. When I was starting out I used to cane students with Bunsen burner gas tubes or computer power cables! Come to think of it how naive I was and potential catastrophe I was exposing myself to.nowdays I teach 5pm ikifika I go home peacefully

its a foolish concept beating kids who fail .There are kids no matter how much you beat they wont pass

There is caning that is acceptable. 2-3 canes is ok. The point is to let the kid know discipline should be maintained and the kid will study knowing he should be disciplined. Caning a kid 10+ canes is where the problem is. The kid will dread education. You dont have to beat up a kid as if you are killing a snake but to be on the safe side do your part go home.

Which school do you teach? Are you a computer teacher?

I heard that in some schools especially high school, teachers are paid for producing quality grades yaani A and B. The more As and Bs the more the cash award. So a teacher who sees that students are joking in his subject becomes very harsh and aggressive and may use violent caning as the last resort to make students pass.

Ama ni uwongo @IQBAL

This just breeds anger and resentment. Thats why you hear cases of students beating the shit out of teachers. You cant force education on someone. Let him be. Kuna wale machoppi na kuna wale masomo si yao. Huyo jamaa hata umchape aje haezi pass!

You were lucky, coz you deserve to be in jail. But I see you have reached the threshold of true knowledge. You can’t force people to learn, but you can interest them in your subject in the way you teach. That is where real teachers differ from people who just wanted some job in a school.

Quite true. Though it’s not good to create a situation of laissez-faire in a learning environment, the teacher should use more counseling and coercion to the lazy uninspired students instead of resorting to outright violence. This will make those weak ones to work hard.