Bonobo Wants To Build 15 Floor Building In KMA, South C Against The By-laws

This might seem to many as maendeleo but to the well informed this is ujinga.

Building such a house will contravene very many bylaws not to mention fvcking with people’s privacy

Fck those wahindis and their discrimination. Wacha bonobos waangushe kumi zingine kama hizo :D:D:D

Waria forcing things

Why can’t he build in Mokadishu?

Another one wanted to build bedshitters in Kilimani, but NMS stopped them.

Often this is more to do with property value and exclusivity. The bylaws once stated “no Africans”

These peolple forget that their support staff (watchmen, cooks, maids) need decent accommodation.

Note also that affordable housing is a key priority for government around the world as more people migrate to urban centers for opportunities.

It is estimated that by 2030 half of the global population will live in cities hence the need for affordable and decent housing and efficient public transport.

lazima ni shiney-eye wanataka kujenga

By laws must be protected,hapa kaptagat road tuko sawa hakuna hii ujinga ya more than G + 2 floors na shamba ni minimum 1/4 acre