Bonobo walks out of the pitch..

Porto striker Moussa Marega walked off the pitch during a match against Vitoria de Guimaraes Sunday after he was subjected to Monkey chants from opposition fans.
The 28-year-old pushed away teammates, who were trying to calm Marega down, as he tried to leave the game in Portugal’s top-flight, just nine minutes after he scored what turned out to be the match-winning goal.

Why is he bonobo? Is he supposed to be obedient and take all that offense?

@hakimoto wewe ndio bonobo.

@hakimoto I don’t get how you think? Some racists insult a fellow negro and you join them? For what? Attention? Online points? Sigh.

i’ve personaly experienced racism ,it felt like a hot knife dipped in battery acid then slooooooowly jabbed through the heart,you’re not sure kama utandike hio kumbaff ,upige nduru ama uanze kuruka kama monkey.I went home feeling dejected,cursed the shit out of the perps but then nikajiuliza why im feeling like i did,was it true? ama just someone who’se been conditioned by parents,peers and general public to think that way? why was he different from the rest who didn’t share his sentiments? i stopped getting apprehensive nikiingia places where i thought i’d get profiled kama ile place hawapendi bleks:cool::cool::cool::cool:

clearly your are the bonobo here

Hapo umedescribe hiyo kitu vipoa sana… Being reactionary is what gives the potency to racism… I personally have very low regard for crackers myself… I think they are all generally slow witted… Inherently violent and destructive… If its not obvious it is in their shadow… hence their justice system which is basically state sanctioned vengeance…

Here inafrica we celebrate nature monkeys included, so bonobo kuenda huko majuu kucatch sababu umeitwa monkey inakaa ushienzi tu… detach kabisa na custom za huko… Did you know ndombolo is basically a dance derived from the monkey walk… na hatuna ubaya kuidance…

Those who are busy trying to be like the whiteman ndio husumbuka na kulia when white man uses his own matusi on them… We should be above that… we should be more dignified than that… I actually consider those who fight racism at the same level as feminists… hawaleti faida… INstead I advocate for black pride… hold this idiots in their place, study them and us their methods but do not become like them… we are superior… Jamaa angeamua kumtusi kumamako, ghaseer taka taka na aendelee na dimba…

Personally, I don’t feel a thing when a person of different race calls me a nigger, naker or anything in between. But this term bonobo annoys. It’s an insult coined by us to insult ourselves that we are stupid first because we are black.

Hahaha, the architecture of an insult relies on you regarding the insulting statement as derogating… Mtu akikuita bonobo kisha ujam, it means you have accepted to be derogated by the term… You can experiment this with using the same intonation and telling a kid mzuri wewe, the same way you would tell them mjinga wewe… no doubt the kid will still feel insulted… Its all in your mind… study a bit about bonobos, and you will stop feeling that way about them… hahaha… sawa bonobo?..

@hakimoto ulidrop out of school while in class seven sasa unafikiria the name bonobo applies anywhere? Koso wii opong chieth??

It doesn’t annoy me because of its connotation. It annoys because everyone is now using it everywhere like some herd mentality thing going on.

Ndombolo, ndombolo a ndombolo.
Ndombolo ya solo
Ya mukulukulu eh
Ndombolo ndombolo a ndombolo
Ndombolo ya mama songa nzile
Ya mukulukulu eh
Ndombolo ndombolo a ndombolo
Tala Tala Mama nzile
Nzile nzile
Kala Kala ngana bwakitiza mama
Pa pa pa pa!

hahaha kaman!.. umefanya karibu niinuke kiasi… hehehe

Tiga wana

Sometimes it hits you when you aren’t mentally prepared. It spoils your day, till you reset.

never been racially abused, but I never get the big deal, i remember there is a player who picked up a banana and ate it, I mean whats the big deal, not everyone will like you, I thought that is one of the consequences when one gets to live as a minority, weather by choice or otherwise. Sometimes I think sisi blacks, at least some are just too fickle.

Danny Alves mwenyewe… the maestro… a footballing deity, and also master of sensibility…

Washenzi, black pride ni nini? Black pride ni vile bonobos had never invented a written language before omusungu showed up? Black pride ni vile bonobos had never advanced past the Bronze Age before omusungu showed up? :meffi::meffi::meffi:

shida yako ni kuongea kutoka kwa mcoondoo…

Bloody bonobo, I will keep posting this video until one of you can disprove anything he says