Bonobo Times: South Sudan Shithole

These tall ghaseers used to blame the northern Arabs for their problems, what’s their excuse now? Niggas are balling in Nairobi while their kinsmen live like wild animals. Tucker tucker.

It’s the same story in .ke. our leaders are balling in various world class destinations, while we live like wild animals.

So it’s just the degree of bonoboism that’s different?

Yeap, naskia Dubai Kenyan have invested seriously in real estate

Low IQ Bonobos. The day I’ll hear government officials of Western Europe and America stealing their citizen’s taxes and investing in Africa, I’ll stop believing that blacks dont have a low IQ.

worse is stashing millions of dollars in these western capital, that’s the money jungus go to borrow at very low interest rates, to use in things like taking vactions in the serengeti among other things.

Mafuta iko Kwa wingi wacha tukunywe

Wapi huko ?

You can’t help those people. They will kill you if you try to fight Kiir or Machaar.

Ati 3 billion barrels in oil reserves. … and h the hospital is barely functional. I fucking hate the word bonobo but in this case i think it aptly describes this mess.


Huyu Mboyz, allishikisha Uhuru grant ya $100 million , to invest in youth programs. Instead, Uhuru turned NYS into good eating.


kuna a town in Switzerland that is so rich that pple don’t need to work, wanalipwa na county gov’t. Pesa inatoka wapi? Well in Zambia, kuna a town which sells this firm in Swiss cheap copper(corruption). That firm which is based in this swiss town process the copper and sell it 8 times more than the price they bought it.

When u compare the lives of pple in these two towns (Origin of copper in Zambia and processed copper town in Swiss) utajua Africa is full of bonobos. It’s your own people

Mwafrika anarudi analetewa UN Headquarters pale NBO. Unapata, some of the best brains pale, pushing papers all day long, while speaking top notch English, and other foreign languages.
Hii UN itolewe Kenya Banaa.

Westlands, Gigiri, Lavington, Karen, Runda and their environs will die a speedy death if that happens, along with all the local employees and the economy, and of course the govt won’t give a damn. You just might get your wish though. There’s a debate right now that UNEP should move their headquarters from Nairobi.

It’s the same way in all of Africa. We are a tribal continent. We needed an empire that would homogenize the continent through conquest and culture like happened in the east and west but it didn’t happen. Probably in 1000 years there will be no kikuyu, kalenjin, luo etc. We will get a common identity and stop despising each other and we will carry ourselves with dignity putting African interests first. This will automatically lead to respect from all the other races. Right now we are savages, and are rightly treated as such.

we are just a militia and misguided man hungry for power away from this type of chaos

Fcking sad… The black man is cursed by God. With all that oil it doesn’t matter how low the prices are, Southern Sudan should have world class roads and amenities including hospitals, schools , airports etc.
But they are stupid and have allowed the Chinese and other corrupt organizations to divide them. It pains me when children die of malnutrition when some fcker buys houses worth billions in Lavington or Runda or even drive a million dollar car all these allowed by the Kenyan regime . The cries of those suffering in Southern Sudan are a curse to those that exploit the nation.

Does the African really have a brain? Who kills another person with a machete ? Who burns people in a church? Who refuses to pay their workers salaries ? Who hides chemotherapy drugs to go sell them in their own pharmacy and let cancer patients die? People we are a cursed nation and continent . The Almighty gave us all the resources in our beautiful continent yet we can’t manage and it’s no wonder we are a shithole. We have become heartless animals and only God can save us.

Stupid starch eating bonobos!

they wanted their own country and got it …choices have consequences and i see them relocating to kenya very soon …