Bonobo - the origins

two very popular words in the kenyatalk lexicon that i despise most are bonobo and d minus. the first one i want to talk of.
when you have negroes in a self governing carribean island for 200 years, their neighbourhoods resemble any of those in Enugu, Bagamoyo, Naromoru or Kumasi. When you have Europeans setting up plantations in the Western Cape, Amazonia plains or Uasin Gishu, the environment resembles that of Sussex. What accounts for this? previous explanations have been natural selection that has filtered traits that enable adaptation to different environments eg getting paler as you migrate further from the tropics. Whats coming up now is that the main differences are due to assimilated genetic. Following the finalization of human genome mapping, its possible to conduct genetic forensics to uncover racial differnces. Before the existence of homo sapiens, there existed a variety of archaic human species that are sometimes referred to as homonids. While we all are homo sapiens, there are assimilated genetic variations that set apart different races. For a start, Europeans ingested alot of Neanderthal genes that helped them adapt to cold climates, Australian aborigines and south pacific races (including the very original of american inhabitants -before the red injuns) had denisovan genes. These facts are documented. What of Africans? there is little discussion about hominid admixtures that make Africans unique from other races. if we let anthropologists and geneticists who dont give racism a mosquitoe’s fart speak up, they would tell you the blak race could have assimilated a variety of archaic human species, those that make africans physically appear closer to apes (bonobo) than other races. this genetic admixture may provide some advantages such as ability to survive in tropical climates and resist coronavirus but increased susceptibility to HIV. What distinguishes us most from the other races is laziness, peacefulness, aversion to planning, conservatism and to look down on agriculture (which is what helped other races build their civilizations). if the hominid admixture theory is true, then we should set a low bar for ourselves. stop comparing ourselves with other races and at the same time try to avoid going extinct.

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