Bonobo: Son of a woman who took Ksh 2 Million to Pastor EZEKIEL arrested and charged in court as it emerges that he had stolen Ksh 8 Million from a Chinese national

The son of a woman who went viral early this month for taking Sh 2 M to Pastor Ezekiel’s church was on Thursday charged with stealing over Sh 8 M from a Chinese national.

Ronado Okello a taxi driver in Nairobi is alleged to have taken over Sh 50,000 USD dollars that a Chinese client forgot in his car when he alighted.

He went and exchanged to Kenya shillings then gave his mother Sh 2 million from the stash who in turn ran to Pastor Ezekiel’s church to give him the money.

Okello was arraigned before Kibera Chief Magistrate Ann Mwangi and charged with stealing.

It is alleged that on February 2, he stole 50,000 USD, Tsh 2million, an iPad, clothes and other personal effects all totalling to Sh 8,350,00 the property of Wu Yang who forgot them in his taxi.

He denied the charge and pleaded with the court to grant him reasonable bail terms.

According to the police report, Yang ordered for a ride and Okello picked the request and he was to drop him in kilimani and when they reached China Town which was the destination, he forgot to pick his personal items from the car.

Yang has requested the ride from Swiss Lenana Mount Hotel to take him to China Town in Kilimani.

Okello was released on a Sh 2 Million bond and a surety of the same amount and the court directed that he be supplied with all witness statement,


Yaani JAruo na hizo muscles haiwezi tumia akili, hapo ningerudi ocha na hio tax with immediate effect, hio pesa nifiche ocha for 4 straight years muchaina akufe na COVID or arudi kwao then I exchange mdogo mdogo. How can you give your stupid religious brainwashed mother 2 fucking mirrions for fucks sake ? Mama unapea Tu 10k ya kulipa Chama .
that jaruo on top of being sentenced should also be circumsised as a punishment to his stupidity

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Ata yeye ni fala because He got the client through Uber. Uber have your personal documents. The back of your ID is written your home address but you gift you mother 2m living in those areas.

But Hii story doesn’t add up.
So apparently the Chinese forgot a total of Kshs 8.3M comprising 50,000 USD dollars , Tsh 2million, an iPad, clothes and other personal effects.

Hii inakaa deal gone. Ama Ali uza mkia tight

Angekula lanye calabash kama 10 alafu aende Comoros through Uganda, DRC, TZ, Malawi Zambia Mozambique Madagascar then Comoros. Aishii hapo for 10 years

Hata mama yake ni mjinga sana unapelekea pastor fisi hio pesa? Mbona haku report police station