Bonobo should reconsider birth control

Botswana is a southern Africa nation , one of thé richest-most developed countries in Africa by both GDP per capital and Human Development Index.
Botswana is 580,000 km square which is almost equal to the size of Kenya, But the country is miles away ahead of Kenya in terms of HDI in comparison to Kenya.
How did Botswana become successful?. The success of Botswana is largely attributed to this one man called ,Sir Seretse Khama who is the country’s founding father. Sir Seretse Khama ;made sure that education, medical care, food, water, development infrastructure and most important of all, Peace was ensured in Botswana. The discovery of diamonds in 1970 made the country to have a new source of income,before that the country was over dependent on tourism sector . Botswana has strict laws on Wildlife protection , tight laws on pollution,Hunting is banned ,it has universal healthcare, food is provided to all students from pre-schools to secondary level and sponsorship is provided to all students at university level even those who decide to pursue their studies abroad.
Extra facts about Botswana : the country’s currency (THE PULA) is only second to Libya in Africa in terms of value, over half of the country’s population are middle class (still needs verification)
The population of Botswana is 2 million people,

Bonobo hapa kenya hawaezi acha kuzaana. A bonobo like @Himmler and kinyozi dufanda @Tom Bayeye have bonobo-lets that they can barely feed

Very impressive. GDP per capita grew from $1,344 in 1950 to $15,015 in 2016. Now at $18k. Kenyas GDP per capita is $1710, roughly where they were in the 1950s. Also the fact that the country is 70% Kalahari desert.
Population is never a problem. You can have a high population but create order and follow that orderliness. Thats how you create value. If you have development plans and people start building on road reserves, there is nowhere you will go.

Wacha watu wazae, population control ya nini

Its impressive. But also, remember the population is low with a large income from minerals. Libya also has a population of 5 mill with massive oil revenues. And during Gadafis time, school, medical etc were free

Organized countries with high mineral wealth can pull it off

They’ve really tried and must be commended for putting to good use their mineral wealth.

Botswana GDP in 2019 was approximately USD 8000 (World Bank). The country has a small population and huge diamond deposits

Unemployment is stubbornly high at 20%. See bbc article

Our problem is leadership, not population size

Before you express your nasty brain-farts, research on the actual population of China, Britain, Italy, USA Japan, russian, indonesia etc… Afterwards, consider going back to school for an IQ upgrade

I disagree. Both play a factor. A small nation can achieve political stability much faster than a large one.

Look at the British Empire. A small island nation achieved world supremacy when larger nations were still trying to their act together. And most of the leaders during her rise were worse than Moi. They had diktator kings some of whom had no qualms about beheading their wives.

Japan is an interesting case. She had a relatively large population at the start of the last century. But japan is also one of the most culturally homogenous nations on earth. And their culture is a very wierd one in my opinion. Stuff like hara-kiri etc

So leadership may play a role. But circumstance is a greater factor cause leaders will have to react to circumstance to stay in power. Thats why Botswana and other countries like it (low population and great mineral wealth) achieve great economic strides on the most part.

HOW MANY TIMES - [SIZE=7]HOW MANY TIMES[/SIZE]- will I tell you monkeys that the problem is [SIZE=7]NOT[/SIZE] the [SIZE=7]SIZE[/SIZE] of the population [SIZE=7]BUT[/SIZE] the [SIZE=7]RATE OF GROWTH[/SIZE] of the population?

What did China do to develop? It dropped the RATE of its population growth to nearly ZERO for 30 YEARS. Meanwhile in bonobo AFRICA, the population was growing at 5% pa. Even if you grew the economy at 5.5%, that would only mean you were running on a treadmill.


Aaaaaaaaaaaargggh, wacha nirudi kwa wazee…

Hapa kwetu thieves are leaders, motivational speakers, preachers etc

Any development plan is hijacked for private gains, later on the problem we would have solved finishes them.e g did you know Lapsett was a 1975 plan? Where could we be now?

Hii ni WhiteCap rant

Consider japans population at the time of the meiji restoration circa 1870. About 34mil. Consider it in 1920… about 55mil. thats over a 50% increase. Yet, she was a thriving economy then. Then, by 1939, when she was a major power she had close to 75 million. a further increase of almost 20 (or circa 15-20%) mil in 20 years. So if population growth rate is the only issue, how did these Ninjas do it?

I’d still choose to live in Kenya.

Nope. Leaders are are reflection of the people. If not, the people would kick them out. Corrupt leaders point to a corrupt population. And anyway, who places those leaders into position. What was their prior track record. You want to tell me that the populace didn’t know Mike Sonko was a crook? So how then do you expect him to miraculously transform while in office?

You do realize you can communicate your ideas without abusing others? That aside, I have checked you claims online. Africa has a growth rate of about 2.7% pa while Kenya’s is 2.3%. China’s growth rate pa over the last 30 years has ranged between 1.8%-0.4 steadily declining to 0.4% in 2020. However, for a country as big as China, even 0.4% growth translates to an increase of 5.5m people per year so yea, you were wrong on 2 of the 3 points you so arrogantly put foward hapa na ujuaji.

Chicken and egg, which came first?..

Population is wealth my friend. But only when you have good leadership. Check Japan it is a smaller than Kenya, their population is over 120 million but its a rich country. Their country is rugged and only 33% of land is habitable(living and farming). I don’t think big population is problem to any sane govt.

bonobos stop self hating… if ppl work together , anything is possible…

The country is a desert. Wangezaana wakule nini?