Bonobo nation!

Going through the comments,most Kenyans oppose justice dispensation for the PEV 2007/8 victims. This would never happen in the western world at any moment. We ought to be ashamed of our Bonoboistic behaviors!

If you take kinoti serious you are not to be taken serious. Kinoti tumemuona mara mingi na izi sinema zake, he talks a lot without any action.

What the anus has…let it prove it to the toilet, sio kutupigia kelele

It’s not about kinoti!

io ni siasa tu, hakuna victims hapo. otherwise waandikishe statements tuone kinoti atawasaidia aje

This is a futile exercise. It will be difficult for justice to prevail as politicians across the divide were complicit.

Umesoma izo comments?

Sina usokitabu so tubwagie screenshots.

my friend politics and justice should never mix

Wakirevisit izo files then Kibaki inafaa aende akufie Hague… He is solely to blame for the chaos due to his greed for power

Wote…adi raila

All the people involved should be locked up. I dont know why Kenyans like defending criminals

What do you expect from bonobos…?

crime is crime…tribalism aside

Is this why the man is endearing himself to hassan omar, to gather the identities of the remaining witnesses so that he can deal with them perpendicularly? Enyewe the kind of evil in Kenya is one distilled into its purest form, no impurities.

:D:D weh si watamaliza daktari.

Mazee, defending people that killed women and children!
We might just start seeing people disappearing again, highway assassinations and Viagra deaths… terrorist attacks will be the order of the day…
Mungu atusaidie

Justice for everyone would be good but Kinoti is not the person to help deliver it.He cannot hide the fact that he is someone’s puppet

most comments are usually from few individuals group of accounts,they stoke emotions based on who is paying, I thought by now you should know that

I’ve carefully analysed dozens of comments from different posts and they are all the same. Are you suggesting it’s a false positive?

The target should admit there was targeted killing and proceed to heap all blame on his opponent based on all common sense logicallines of thought