Bonobo Mkae Kwenyu

Nobody thinks you’re bright or best

E.g if your 14 - 15 year old boy/girl came up to you holding the above article and asked you …daddy, why do non nyeuthiz dislike and discriminate against us ?

Uta mwambia nini ?

Nitamwambia afagie kwao, ama niaje Mwarabou Stork ?

Tell him the truth. Tell him it’s only in the last 50 years that nyeuthis have been upgraded to full humans




Kwao hakuna uchafu, i.e uchafu wa racism na discrimination hauko kwao.
Atafagia nini ?

Clearly hauelewi hili tamko. Ok, let me ease it up for you…watu wakae na watu aina yao.
Familiarity breeds contempt. You might think that living with folks who are not racists are good for you but things change later on

Nyeuthi takataka should learn to stay in Africa and develop this continent. Hii mambo ya kupenda kwenda abroad ikome kabisa