BONOBO Mentality: Photo Of Madowo Greeting Ruto With One Hand Causes Firestorm Online

NIABM, Worrying about NON ISSUES

Larry had just concluded an interview with the head of state, and they exchanged pleasantries. Larry and the president changed greetings, and netizens were surprised that the journalist used only one hand to greet Ruto. It is a common tradition in many parts of Africa for a subject to extend both hands while greeting a superior. Larry’s ways seemed out of the ordinary, sparking reactions from Kenyans.

Kusema ukweli hiyo subservient two hand greeting is some servile bonobo upus


It gets awkward when an old man greets you like this.


Naonaga people kneeling before Raila and other scumbags


They seem to be cracking jokes so when this happening its easy kusahau mambo mengi.

Kwani mshuto ya Jambasi inanuka 1 million by Paco Rabbane… mimi pia ninge nasalimia yeye na mkono moja. he is just a mare mortal… he is there to serve us… we are his boss. upus.

I don’t usually greet people with two hands. No matter how senior they are. Actually I don’t even greet people.

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Urongo mtupu.

Hahaha, only Rutos tribespeople do that… No other tribe. It sucks that some people have to teach their kids that sheeit.