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Kenya’s blood banks run dry after Trump administration cuts transfusion aid
Kenyans have turned to appealing for blood donations on social media

Max Bearak
5 days ago
Catherine Wangari, 18, holds her baby, Sheilla, at Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi on Jan 15 2020
Catherine Wangari, 18, holds her baby, Sheilla, at Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi on Jan 15 2020 ( Washington Post/Khadija Farah )
When Sheilla Munjiru entered the world on 5 January, her skin was a sickly shade of yellow.

She had severe jaundice and urgently needed a blood transfusion, said doctors at the small-town clinic in Kenya’s hill country where she was born.

But they had no blood. Neither did the doctors at a county-level hospital, so they sent her to Kenya’s largest referral hospital in the capital, Nairobi. Even there, no luck.

Sheilla was born as Kenya’s blood banks are beginning to run dry. The country had relied for years almost entirely on US aid for its state-run blood transfusion service, but the funding was discontinued in September.

The director of the service, part of Kenya’s Health Ministry, said the support ended abruptly and prematurely, leaving Kenyan officials unprepared. But US officials said a transition of responsibility had been discussed for 10 years.

The US government gave Kenya $72.5 million (£55m) over more than 15 years through its global HIV/AIDS prevention program, called PEPFAR, to build its blood safety and transfusion infrastructure nearly from scratch - from the blood banks themselves to equipment and training. The aid was aimed at building confidence in blood collection so Kenyans wouldn’t fear getting tested for the virus.
[SIZE=6]“The United States had consulted with the government of Kenya for several years on plans to transition this blood safety assistance to their responsibility,” [/SIZE]said US ambassador to Kenya, Kyle McCarter.

Other US officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss the matter more freely, said the[SIZE=6] United States gradually reduced funding over the course of the last decade for the blood transfusion service from a high of almost $6 million (£3.8m) per year to $1.4 million (£1.1m) last year. [/SIZE]They emphasised that the US government had been satisfied that the Kenyan government was ready to take control of it when the funding was withdrawn
But the Kenyan government did not provide for the transfusion service in its budget for 2020, and the past year’s blood collection totals were dire, according to Fridah Govedi, the head of the transfusion service. The service aims to collect 1 million units of blood per year. Last year, it collected just 164,000 units. Ms Govedi isn’t sure when it can get up to speed, but it won’t be this year, she said.

The chairwoman of the Kenyan parliament’s health committee, Sabina Chege, said that funding for the service would almost certainly be included in the 2021 budget and that [COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]it wasn’t included last year despite foreknowledge of the US cuts because “nobody at the Ministry of Health took responsibility.”

“We told them the cuts were coming,” she said. “Someone there didn’t do their job.”

I support the move infact let them not give us any aid as it is about time we became self reliant.

Its been known for 10 years

Africans are just useless…

Let’s take time and analyze those two:

1 Nigerians will no longer be able to fly to usa on migrant visas yet they support trump’s administration a whole 58%- well when it rains it pours …

2 trump administration has suspended this blood donation funds and other help to us yet our people support this person’s administration 56%. It’s just a matter of time before Nigeria joins tanzania and nigeria on that list

3 Satafrrricans dont give a ferrk about trump administration and a whole 39% support his administration yet these people don’t depend on usa for any shiit.

We are just stupid and bonobo like behaviours. I support him though wacha tutandikwe mpaka we support him 20% ndio akili ituingie…

Even though Trump is boorish he is still better to deal with than those past US leaders who pretend to help africa while in reality they were just exploiting us.