Bonobo Is A Bad Manager. Food Is Rotting In Kinagop While Turkanas Die

How far away is Turkana from Nyandarua? Even in the same Nyandarua county there is extreme hunger in some regions.

The same thing will repeat next year because bonobos don’t have enough brain cells in their craniums to plan about next year.

All races are NOT the same upstairs.

You keep saying negro is a bad manager, but pray tell who the director is?

Average Kenya is dumb as a porridge. The only thing needed to fool them is shouting Praise God and offer nonstop prayers.

The director is the dumb voter.

You know damn well who the director is, the voter is given a semblance of democracy but the truth is we don’t have a President we have a manager who answers to another and so on and so forth. Upright men are put to sleep like the late President Magufuli, Sankara, Gaddafi…can we please have a straight conversation about state capture for once.

Mbica ni muhimu Monsieur Bonobo.

Another negro

I have said before and i will repeat. The average African is not capable of thinking beyond the next harvest.

Food processing plants

Food preservation( even the traditional way for a poor grower/ supplier) or value addition can prolong the food shelf life to save the needy neighbour.

Ubinafsi ni adui mkubwa, I miss our past traditional/ communal lifestyle.

What about them. Turkana don’t eat canned food.

Crisis create opportunity. Nobody gives a fuçk about solving the food problem in Kenya.

Take this to the bank; by April next year, wale watu wanaumia njaa na ukame saa hii watakuwa wanabebwa na floods.