Bonobo IDIOTS!: Bald Tires With No Tread?

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If you have a suv and think you must cross a road like that, then you need tire chains and a winch, ama utalala tu hapo kichakani.


Kwa hiyo matope even new tyres wont help you.


magele mmalenge

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Hiyo inakaa clay soil. Very difficult to drive through regardless of the car

Hiyo ni clay soil?

Hawa ni wale wa ‘my 4WD can’t stick in mud’

Mimi sai pale western kuna shamba siwezi dhubutu kuenda afternoon…naraukia alafu natoka 2pm just before the rains

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Extremely low IQ post by a boring bland uninspiring mediocre villager ati haina tread


eeh bana watu wanadhani these guys huenda pale are paupers, jamaa huweka tyres za bei brand new na still wanakwama

You guy my guy my motii cant be stuck in matope

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these are just inexperienced drivers…

Your knowledge on traction is based on and limited to what you learnt in bush schools.

O Rly?

I tell you my guy you guy



Sasa hata huyo wa Nissan patrol alifikiria atapita hapo?

That moment when you realize that your 17m fuel guzzler is as useless as a Vitz when it comes to muddy roads. Afadhali ungenunua tractor ya 2m