Bonobo country: this is the craziest stat I have ever come across

Look at this Wikipedia entry about Indians in Uganda:

Uganda has a population of 45 million people.

Indians in Uganda are about 20,000 people.

These 20,000 Indians contribute 65% of Uganda’s tax revenues. 65 freaking percent! 1 2 3 4 5 upto 65! What are the other 45 million black Ugandans doing?

Remember, these 20,000 Indians are those that came back to Uganda and started afresh after Idi Amin left. Before Idi Amin kicked them out, they contributed 90% of the country’s taxes.

Pause and reflect on that for a moment. If there was ever a bonobo country, Uganda takes the cup.


Bonobo ni wewe for thinking Wikipedia provides factual information. Anyone can edit a Wikipedia page. Does that statistic make sense to you? Toa akili kwa mcoondu alafu kwenda tafuta statistics za Uganda Revenue Authority.

I posted the Wikipedia link because it is what a bonobo like you will read. If I posted papers here you won’t download them to read them.

Use Google, there are several sources to back these numbers.

Mental gymnastics detected :D:D:D

Uncle unaishi poa

Boss, ni weekend, punguza fujo banae.

Ni ukweli haki ya Mungu!

Wee mumama kunywa Snapp

Same ilk na wale delusional Zoos who say that they are 30% of the total population and they contribute 50% of the Kenyan gdp. Ukiangalia KRA statistics na KNBS statistics you are left wondering, how can one be soooo delusional and out of touch with reality? Yaani you are just left speechless. There is trend to denigrate the efforts of the local populations that stems mainly from outgroups like Indians, Zoos and others who experience inferiority complex. Wachinku hawana hiyo tabia, atleast wao wanaenda na flow haraka haraka.

Wikipedia inasema GDP ya North Korea in 2022 is $19B bana. Remember this is a nuclear power. Kenya tuko $110B, over 5 times that of Kim’s. Ati sasa Zambia’s GDP is a third bigger than N. Korea’s comparatively. Hata kama ni madharau hii ya western media imezidi

Nuclear power isn’t proof of a great GDP…ni vile Nortth korea uses most of its money kwa vitu ka hizo

Hii ni ya UG ama ?

Uganda needs to expand/widen it’s tax net. Indians are paying taxes because they’re mostly in the formal sector, which makes it hard for them to evade paying taxes, while the rest of Ugandans’ are in the Informal sector.
case in point, tax collection Before and After Emilio Mwai waKibaki took over power in .ke.

Bonobos hate being called bonobos for obvious reasons,you tell them the truth wanakukasirikia. They prefer kudanganya na confushen kwa wingi,the rest is either uchawi or ‘ni mungu’