bonds auction cancelled

it seems people dont trust JSKS a bond offer was cancelled

Ku invest ama kupiga biz na hii serikali ya Ruto ni sawa na ku park gari tao na kuna sign kubwa ina soma “park at your own risk”.

The 15 yr bond was cancelled the other was undersubscribed

bond.pdf (28.2 KB)


Wapi Ghaseers MIcjiggle na kalenjin 101

Hakuna vile you can invest in government securities kukiwa na washenzi kama ngunjiri mwizi sugu gachieth omangwa na wakora wote. Nabii jambazi aite charlatans na snake oil vendors crusade waombee pesa ianguke kaa maana

We are not taking anything less than a coupon rate of 20%.

Boss, hata kama ni activism, Coupon rates don’t work like that

No one is willing to lend money to GOK and everyone is holding back . They cheapest rate they can get from Commercial Banks is probably 16-17% but GOK has been fighting the dynasties who own these banks who will make money no matter what . So they need to make the bonds terms much better for everyone .