bona fide beta male

For eons, we’ve been saying that there are only two conditions that may precipitate the dignified hiring of prostitutes:

  1. When you desire only sex from women, and not companionship.

  2. When you’re too high-status/busy, that prostitutes seem cost-effective.

A man in the above circumstances may hire prostitutes, without suffering any loss in status. But there exists another class of men who pay women – not for sex, but for commitment. Whereas high-value men pay whores to go away afterwards, these beta males pay women to stick around, to pretend they’re not having sex for money. One shudders to imagine what such men look like. Underlying their whole stinking business, is the implication that their sexual affair does not constitute an equal exchange of services. That the man still owes. A woman who is genuinely attracted to you will have sex with you just for the sex. She will not charge you anything after. She’s aware she’s also enjoying the sex.

Yesterday we were able to pull the curtains back and survey the undateable omega males who roam the sexual landscape. Today I’m going to winnow the list down to only one name. This guy is the living, breathing, shitting embodiment of the term “beta male.”

And the pitiable creature is……… @MTINGIZA KITANDA!!!

This moron met a whore on tagged, took her on a date, and started paying the bitch’s rent. Only to fly into a rage upon discovering the whore was getting pounded doggy-style by a dozen other johns. What did he expect? For the whore to become loyal? For the whore to become his loyal girlfriend and birth him some kids? Exactly how low does your self-esteem have to drop to consider taking a prostitute as a second wife? And make no mistake, tagged girls are prostitutes. Any woman who directly demands payment for sex is a prostitute. She may not be hawking her ass on Koinange, but she’s still a prostitute. A change of venue does not negate the validity of the transaction.

Charmless, gameless, pitiable bonobo. Meffi wewe. Who the f*ck pays rent for a whore? If you really must spend on a woman, at least send the money to your sister.


Tauren unasumbua

@Uzo = @Azor Ahai did you have to open another handle to attack another man eating his own sweat.



Lakini hio ni handwriting yako Chini ya maji.


Wasee huendesha CRV sasa ni kama wako kwa same WhatsApp group na wale wa Premio, Allion, Harrier, Vanguard na Prado ya 2.7l petrol. Yaani ni mbwa koko za manispaa.

Leo huendi ukomba pilsner ukiteresha na teargas.

Kitambo when i was young and stupid i used to love Subarus. kwa sahii kama si harrier/Lexus ni J150 . Mbona hamkuniambia mtu akifika 30 anaanza kuona vitu from a different angle cc @Yuletapeli

Heheh…nitawaambia mara ngapi. Money can buy sex but it can’t buy sexual exclusivity. Wanaume wengi sana wamejaribu hii ufala and they regretted it. @MTINGIZA KITANDA!!! learned through experience.

Pigia kunguru simu, mnyandue one night kwa hotel ama airbnb, then kick her back to the streets until you need her again. Usibother kujua anaishi wapi ama anakula nini. Na hiyo simcard ya “missions” ikuwe mteja except ukicall your kunguru of choice. Be unreachable. Meet them at your convenience, not theirs. That’s the only way to survive in this city banae.

doesn’t change the fact he’s a beta male ghaseer who has to pay for sex.

You must pay pucci indirectly. Hakuna pucci ya free

beta male anthem. This chorus is usually sung by beta-male ghaseers who’ve never had a woman truly desire them.

At thirty macho hufunguka, fika 35 and you will start seeing munching soft meat as a joke of the year. Utaona hakuna makubwa and just focus on what matters. Women hukuja last. Alafu pia you will realize you have already lived half of your life :smiley:

I will note this down for research purposes

do you still boff your smelly wife? :D:D:D:D

@Tauren ntakupiga ngumi ya meno.

Ata mimi nilikuwa kama wewe, I was militant against paying for sex, lakini nimeona kuna matym iko na faida yake. Paying for sex can be done in an alpha way. Uwalipe, uwatumie kama fleshlight na uwatupe nje baada ya kunjotika

Used to have a have a lec who used to tell us the problem is not that you don’t know but that you don’t know that you don’t know…soma post juu ya mine for further info