Bomet's new firetruck... bonoboism has reached new atmospheres

I am not sure whether to laugh or cry. Hata noozle ya car wash huwa na pressure mob kuliko this shit.

Did they use the one used to spray cows and dogs?

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Negro is A Brainless Wild Animal

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This was launched ages ago during Gov Rutto’s time.


Haha aki ya ngai

No wonder Africans are looked down upon by other races.

Wanaxima ya nini na ishachoma yote

Bonobos are morons

Kaleo embarrasing africans. Mara ni cattle rustling, and now this.

There is nothing to salvage there…

Hata mungu anacheka tu?

Na ati akina @kalenjinkirdit @Kalenjin101 ule imitator wangu @bandit na wakale wenzao … after tumewatandika kichapo cha mbwa kaa maburukenge huko kwa valley, wanaanza kulia na kutupa matusi ati Pokots are a primitive, backwards and barbaric people. But damn … I rather be all that and more than be an incormpetent, good for nothing nincompoop who lacks an understanding of basic logic, unable to comprehend even what’s good or bad for their own populace. Mo’ fuckers can’t even tell their own ass from their noses. No wonder … we always beat the crap outta them. They have zero organisation skills … so much for all the schools Mzee Moi (RIP) built up for them.
Wapi ule jamaa wa @anuslickers aongezee io jeshi ya bootlickers kwa io list.
Heri Pokot a thousand times over. Hatukuenda shule, but we clearly understand the concept of organised efforts and working as a unit for the purposes of our community self preservation and survival as a people despite the odds alway being against us. Our culture and traditional way of life will survive the test of time … even the annunakis will be impressed upon their return. Pokot sio wakale wadau … Pokot ni Pokot na hapana tambua nugu ingine. Fuck … waturkana ndo our closest cousins.

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si hii shit tuliona kama bado ngoma ya mbogi ya kimonyoski ilikuwa the shit?


To add salt to the injury. The fireman handling the noozle amevaa official dressing kama accountant. meffi yeye. Hata hakuna any fire fighting skills. Pointing the jet of water to the flame than the base of the fire. Unapata unapewa salo ya 100k per month. Mind boggling clusterfuckery