Bomet woman who plunged children into 40-meter borehole to remain in custody

Detectives in Bomet have been granted orders to continue holding a woman suspected to have plunged her two kids in a 40-meter borehole at her Chepkogen home in Bomet East on Monday morning.

The officers pursuing the case had presented the suspect in court and sought to have until next week to allow them conclude their investigations.

The 22-year old mother of two is said to have flung the two sons of ages four and six into a water well under unclear circumstances before going into hiding.

Locals, who heard the distress call from the children, rushed to the scene where they rescued and took them to Longisa county hospital.

Imagine growing up knowing your mother tried to off you, damn

At 22, it means she got her 1st kid at 16!

Wakale wanawake wanazaa wakiwa wadogo sana. By the time MTU ako 35 ashaitwa nyanya.

the man in the picture should help her raise the kids or the kid.hii ya kuachia wanawake jukumu nakuwanga nakataa kabisa.the child was never there ukiomba kuma so mlee na umugawie was your responsbility alizaliwa na ata hangekuwa na hizi mashida za dunia kama ungevaa condom

unasurvive hii aje banae???

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300 venye @Aquaman amesema…
sasa enda udownload 4k uwatch kwa ile tv yako ya 75k. a few hours.
movie kali sana


TV yangu ni ya 300k

na aki maliza atafute - Meet the Spartans


watu walichukianga hii movie, but inachekesha
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