Bolt Driver Mjuls

The funny thing is Moktar Indwasi was one of my drivers 7 years ago when I owned a cab company. Jamaa amechomoa hapo mjuls ingine slay queens hawawahiona wakafikiria ni Anaconda.

On a serious note, I received many sexual harassment episodes from my drivers for the 8 years I ran a cab company. Most of the harassment was from young female passengers. Others would masturbate in the car with their charged vibrators in the presence of my drivers while others would offer them shots.

For someone like Moktor, he only sees beauty queens on tv and his car, and his wildest dream is to land one.

You will be out of your mind if you thought someone in Moktor’s shoes would turn down a sexual offer from an upmarket lass.

Either way, I don’t know what happened to him. He was a good man. Maybe the Kilimani girls and his night drive experiences changed him. Seven years is a long time.

He impressed you too? Hio cab company yako ni sus

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Peleka umasikini hukoooo

Lol seeing this now.

He probably was a cab driver and wasn’t aware of what the two passengers were up to. Experienced such running a cab company.

na ukweli niupeleke wapi?

Hiyo kitu yake ni kidogo kuliko ya Mzee Abba

Side effects of excessive cornea cleansing pale S&R

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Ulionea ya mzee Abba wapi kama wewe si msenge?


Niletee mamayako… atakupa ushuhuda.


Very silly. Watu wafiche aibu zingine tu. We might have sympathised if it had sprung out bold and solid, with proud confidence, a thing of beauty. But thaaat?
How does a man dare show a grown woman something which looks so lazy and miserable?

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hata wewe?

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@PERDITION anatafuta huyo driver

Mwizi WA simu sitaki madharau

Na huyo Sally anaitwa mara tatu haitikii na ako tu hapo back seat kwani alikuwa amebleki?


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Wasenge ni wengi hii kijiji