Bolsonaro thoroughly whooped by Lula in Brazil

I dont read fake news. USA today?

Kwani uko na wazimu. Unaniletea fact checkers.:D:D

“The rating is partly false.”

Democrat fact checkers massage data. They did that in 2020 during the plandemic. Charlie Chester of CNN confirmed this. Fact checkers are completely biased.

Tunaangalia vitu tunaona. Shootings in Chicago vs any other place. Number of dead!

Fact checkers ni college kids hired by fake news to propagate leftist propaganda.

" Mississipi is dirt poor"

Yes that’s according to CNN and other Fact Checkers. Then why are liberals running away from California and New York and moving to red states??

These clips are from fake news but even they admit that liberals are migrating to red stares because life is cheaper, the streets are safer and cleaner, the quality of life is better, the air is cleaner, less drugs, good place to raise families :

But wakikuja red states wanaharibu. Liberals have totally ruined Austin Texas. Look at these shitty liberals swimming in the river like goons. Naked. Liberals always ruin everything and they have no class.

And everywhere they migrate to, homelessness, drugs, violence and gun crime follows them. Akina @Mangele . Liberals are ruining Texas with their BLM nonsense and tolerance on crime :




[SIZE=5]And that’s why liberals are leaving blue states and moving to red states. They are escaping the crime, violence, drugs which they brough on themselves through their lax and soft on crime policies. Video is video, you can’t massage the data. I say let liberals live this way until wamee akili :[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Obama’s Chicago. Chiraq: [/SIZE]




[SIZE=5]L.A :[/SIZE]


[SIZE=5]Seattle :[/SIZE]



[SIZE=5]Portland :[/SIZE]



[SIZE=5]Philadelphia :[/SIZE]



[SIZE=5]D.C where Biden lives :[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5] [/SIZE]

Mdau hapa kubali tu hujui ni nini unasema. The CIA were helping Lula.

Lula is the ab.ortion and ga.y rights candidate. There was real fear that Bolsonaro will overturn abo.rtion in Brazil. Killing children is very important for Biden and @Aka mpole .

Lula received a lot of money from Soros, Biden etcetera. But bunge ni ya Bolsonaro so hakuna mahali Lula anaenda.


Bolsonaro on the other hand is in fact the Putin guy. He is the Trump guy.


[SIZE=7]Biden congratulates Lula on victory over Trump-backed Bolsonaro in Brazil[/SIZE]
BY COLIN MEYN - 10/30/22 8:38 PM ET

President Biden on Sunday congratulated Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva for his victory in Brazil’s presidential election, beating incumbent Jair Bolsonaro, who was backed by former President Donald Trump.

Wewe inakaa fahari court?


what I mean is that ruthligans and stupid conservationists will carry the day in congress in november 8th

Stop spreading fake news! This is unacceptable

Fixed. Discussion I had with Azor is that Bolsonaro would rig the re-run The guy thought Brazil is Kenya pre 2007.

You can’t be a Pan Africanist and pro American at the same time… Haiwes unless you don’t understand what panafricanism is, the world order and how the hegemon benefits from it to the detriment of the global south.

@Azor Ahai bado hajaelewa politics za beyond his village.

Si this Bolsonaro guy had gotten Lula jailed? ---->

I am not pro-American. I am a liberal thinker - something my grandma instilled in me. I refuse to be recolonized by Chinese.

Vile Neymar atasema

[SIZE=7]Bolsonaro criticizes Argentina’s abo.rtion law[/SIZE]
Brazilian president says abo.rtion will never be approved in the country under him
31.12.2020 of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro

Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro criticized a decision by Argentina’s Senate on Wednesday that gave women the right to decide on abortion.
In a post on Twitter, the evangelical head of government said he "deeply regrets the lives of Argentine children,” saying they are now "exposed to being cut from their mothers’ wombs with the consent of the State.”

A fierce supporter of a conservative agenda and the leader of the world’s biggest Catholic country, Bolsonaro also said that “if it depends on me and my administration, abortion will never be approved on our soil.”

“We will always fight to protect the lives of the innocent!” he added.
In the midst of a largely criticized management of the coronavirus pandemic, with the revelation that his government was unable to buy more than 2.4% of the syringes needed for COVID-19 vaccines, Bolsonaro was criticized for his remarks on Argentina’s law.

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)][SIZE=5]At a forum on April 5, the former president Lula da Silva said “everyone should have the right to” an ab.ortion “and not be ashamed” because it’s a public-health issue. Many poor women, he added, die trying to get the procedure. He also took a jab at the Brazilian middle class for “flaunting” their standard of living. [/SIZE]

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)][SIZE=5]Days later he tried to walk back some of the remarks, saying he was personally against ab.ortion, which, in Brazil, is a crime punishable with jail time in most of its forms. [/SIZE]

Bolsonaro can do that from outside the government.