Bolsonaro thoroughly whooped by Lula in Brazil

Trump greatest friend, Conservative Jair Bolsonaro has been finywod by leftist main opponent Lula da Silva. @Sidindi Bey hivi ndio Trump atafinywo in 2024, akishinda we would steal elections, kwani iko nini? Cc: @Abba











Fuuck conservatives and their conservation.

Surprisingly November 8th they will carry the day.

But who has a majority in both houses of bunge?

To pass liberal laws you need parliament.

@Azor Ahai you remember this discussion?

nah ! ! !

Ngombe Warudishwe Kwao… :D:D:D:D

This is a difficult one. All elections nowadays are difficult.

If Republicans win it means that blue states and cities will become cleaner and safer but fuck that. Let Democrats continue suffering.

Imagine how great it would be if Fetterman won?

@Kahuni Maisha sijui tungoje kwanza Zuckerberg afike $ 1 billion… let them suffer.

If Republicans win the economy will improve and assholes like Zuckerberg will benefit. Don’t forget that it was Trump who made these assholes reach unbelievable net worths. Imagine the damage Fetterman will do to Philly… that would be fuckin fantastic.

Can you imagine a Democrat state lead by a real actual retard? That’s like the best thing ever.

In the meantime…

[SIZE=7]Political betting: Is it a ‘gambling den’ or ‘better than polls’?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=6]A band of Washington insiders, business titans and top economists is urging regulators to let Americans wager on elections, despite warnings from watchdogs.[/SIZE]
Supporters say Kalshi’s proposal would offer Americans a way to hedge their portfolios and business earnings against the whims of Congress, where policy can swing every few years based on which party is in the majority.
Prominent economists including Furman, Yale University Professor Robert Shiller and University of Michigan public policy and economics professor Justin Wolfers say there is also a clear public interest for the contracts as a source of information.

Furman said the Obama economics team used political prediction markets like Intrade — a now-shuttered Irish prediction market that came under CFTC charges in 2012 — to understand the implications of political and economic developments on White House policymaking.
“They have a very good track record of being better than polls and better than political geniuses,” Furman said. “They’re a much purer way for people in business, government and interested parties to understand what might happen.”
But critics warn that political prediction markets would be just the latest playground for day traders and speculators. Better Markets CEO Dennis Kelleher is also worried that the products could “raise further questions about our elections and our Democracy” at a time when election integrity is already facing a swell of concerns. The consumer advocacy group is contemplating its own lawsuit to challenge the CFTC if the agency unleashes political betting in the coming days, he said.

Hii ni propaganda…republican states are generally poor and by average have a higher murder rate.

Which Republican states are poor?

Wachana na CNN.

Let me give you an example using video. California is the richest state overall. Used to be red now blue. Newsom and his bunch of liberal leaders are destroying the place. In California you can earn a good salary but the lifestyleis expensive. You will find people who are actually employed but sleep in cars. Some of them engineers at silicon valley. This is Oakland a city in California. People leave the villages or the South to come to the big cities in the North but end up in slums like this, as drug addicts.

And this is Natchez Mississipi considered a shithole by liberal media. This is the South, red state. But at least one has a roof over their heads. You are not sleeping in the street fearing to be raped by a drug addict. No crackheads sleeping outside your door . You can go fishing. The air is fresh. Lots of land if you like farming. It’s a simple life. So what is your definition of poverty? Hii ndio kama ushago :

Ngai, wacha hiyo Skid row LA, yes, it is nothing compared to Fergusson Mo. ama hapo East St. Louis.:frowning:

Comparing LA to to some sleepy town in Mississippi is like comparing Nairobi to Lamu. Of course Nairobi will have a higher crime rate. Halafu if Republicans have such good policies mbona umaskini inakuwanga imeshika kwa hizo states zao. Since u want to compare without context - California versus West Virginia.

Anyway here are disagreements articles that disagree on the crime rate stats. Hata FBI walisema that’s not how crime is gauged.

Oakland is more than a homeless encampment , there are billion dollar companies, million dollar homes and a well established city. I have been coming to Oakland for over a decade and there are parts that one had to be cautious. However since 2020 I would say quality of life has decreased with the "Defund Police " nonsense and people have become daring and the police standby and watch. I used to go hang out in clubs and bars in Oakland but would not dare do it anymore, there are more robberies and shootings and vigilance is required. The fcking Akatas have the brain of a duck and will shoot based on emotions; I hate them. California is the largest economy in the world, the tech industry screwed it up by making millionaires but not having enough housing ; I remember last year in San Francisco a studio which is similar to a 1 bedroom was renting for $ 4000 while a 2 bedroom apartment was being sold for $ 2.5 million and all the Google, Facebook,Twitter people would cash their options and but these apartments. People were bidding even 1 million over asking price. 15 years ago you could buy a Victorian Duplex for $500,000 ,as of last year these were going tor a couple million. I work with people earning mid 6 figures and they can’t afford a house but sometimes the choices we make matter; do you want to rent a 2 bedroom for 100,000 in Kilimani or do you want to move to Kahawa Sukari and pay 35,000 and be able to save to build your own place.?

Most of the noisy Republican governors are from states that barely send enough money to the Federal government, children have poor eduction, healthcare outcomes are poor, some barely have 500,000 people and yet they have guts to call Californians liberals. Mississippi is poor, dirt poor so don’t be confused by the nice towns you see on TV. People are ignorant, illiterate, majority are on food stamps, many have chronic illnesses but they are like Jaluos and Kipmeos; all brainwashed and can’t think for themselves and last but no least hate our skin color.


meffi thread
nikiwa oyole

waosha mikundu …
ii ni kenyatalk… wekeni meffi yenu

Well another leftist candidate wins in South America… Hapa CIA walishindwa kuibia Bolsonaro kura

You two are kinda retarded. You are pro American that means your candidate in this election was Bolsonaro.

You probably don’t know that Lula favours stronger ties with China and Russia just like all leftist leaders in Latin America.