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He committed 20K from a gross of 36 K kwa loan. Personal decisions?

what is the issue here?

That Kamasasa guy is more stupid than the police officer.Altogether I thought banks are supposed to deduct upto certain fraction of someones salary.Pole Kamasasa you are not very stupid.KCB need to explain it


[COLOR=rgb(235, 107, 86)]Stop liking,I actually don’t know why I called him stupid.May be coz he posted something he can’t substantiate.

Are you suggesting we be giving them more bribe or what’s your point here

What happened to the 1/3 rule?!!


That is the core of the matter!

haha woi na hii economy ya uhuru na jakuon… back in my odesk days i used to make that it less than a week

You will find that some bigshot in the police ordered the bank to recover the loan in that manner.I suspect the slip is doctored.Bank policies are very strong to just be overriden

I find it hard to believe the contents of that payslip.

He committed using the old salary he was earning which was higher. That 36k is the new slashed salary.

You hacked it…Some guys have zero analytical skills; they just can’t read between the lines.

Explain what? Why the salary of someone they gave a loan has been reduced?

The 1/3 rule bwana.

I guess the 1/3 rule should move with the basic salary figure.If it goes up more amount deducted if it hits rock bottom the same should happen.

Do you realize kamasasa is just a messenger . Kimakia my son , I tell you time to time don’t take things online serious . Kamasasa isn’t stupid to display his payslip kwa Internet .

He chose to take a loan, no one is to blame here.

What is it with mentioning about the education status of the guy,what does he want to gain with that.From a reliable source am told that is not a real payslip.Later he will be looked for to explain how he got it.I hope he will produce the person who shared

It doesn’t work like that. Ever taken a loan?
A bank like Equity or KCB could be having over 100k loans. Can you picture the amount of work involved if they were to analyse these loans every month to see whose salary has gone up or down?