BOGONKO BOSIRE, the elite blogger

Who assassinated Bogonko Bosire? To date, no one has provided an answer to the mystery of Bogonko Bosire’s disappearance. Bosire was one of the elite journalists who became bloggers in the aftermath of the 2013 general elections.

To the Kirinyaga pig farmer Denis Itumbi. We need to know what happened to Bogonko Bosire. Justice must prevail. His last location was mwea, Itumbi comes from mwea… connect the dots

Those from Mwea where do they dump bodies ?


Umeffi, itumbi is from gichugu in kirinyaga

@spear … tebu kom hivi kiasi. Kuna vile wanadai ati ulinyonga msee live live bila huruma. [SIZE=1]The accusations stands legit till proven otherwise.[/SIZE]

The jackal himselof ako witness protection pale mukuru kwa Deutschland karura

He is alive

@spear knows…

Uliza mkuki