Boeing strikes again: Plane crashes in China carrying 133 people

Shida ya kuout-source code to some curry munchers who are paid $3/hr ndio hii. May all souls who departed RIP. Our thoughts are with their families.


If it’s a Max 8, then it’ll surely cause all Max 8s to be retired

Nop it’s a 737-800

I’m sure propaganda outlets kule Bidenstan aren’t covering this.

Local engineer @Sambamba vindicated. He called them out a few days ago.

Naona BBC na SkyNews wameshacover it. CNN na Fox News wanapretend hawajaona

$3/hr is more than the average kenyan graduates get.

It’s actually $9/hr but what you get is shitty. Airbus inatembelea atleast $70/hr na huko, with the lowest getting $23/hr

People’s biases must be going “Chinese airlines are unsafe” then I saw this convo on reddit


I loathe the Chinks but they are meritocratic asf. I suspect the software was the issue here and the parent company is to blame. Wacha tusikie what caused the crash ndio tu-conclude.


[SIZE=4]China plane crash: Airliner with 133 people on board goes down in Guangxi province[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]I don’t trust Boeing[/SIZE]

nilisema wapatie passengers parachute na training ikiwa mbaya pilot anawaachilia at a safe distance

Nappy seal unafikiria it’s that easy considering mahali milango hukuwa. Labda useme zikuwe designed mlango ikiuwe ile ya nyuma kama ndege za jeshi.

That way kakinuka pilot anafungua hio mlango passengers wanaanza kuvutwa nje one after another.

The Boeing 737-800 is actually a very safe Aircraft …
It’s problems are mainly associated with Pilot Errors … :D:D

Ng’ombe wewe

[SIZE=4]China Eastern airline carrying 133 people has crashed in Guangxi province[/SIZE]

Looks like a suicide.