Bodycount 2023

1 Stacy:

  1. Nancy:

  1. Lona from South B, stupid loudmouth:

  1. Tiffany:

  1. Joy. Dry and tired, didn’t give me any joy:


It is said that when a chimpanzee sleeps with a woman his value appreciates but when a woman sleeps with a chimpanzee her value depreciates. Swali ni hii, why does one’s value appreciate when touched by the other but the other’s value depreciate? It’s simple chimpanzees are worthless and they have value only through women.

I wonder what white man is telling the world that his greatest accomplishment in 2023 was screwing hookers. Waafrika no wonder you will always remain behind. Watu wako kwa space wewe ni kuma unaringia. Very useless chimpanzees. Bure kabisa.

  1. Mary, Githurai. Smelled terrible

  1. Aggy, mature Kahawa west

  1. Gladwell

  1. Lucy

  1. Shi

  1. Zuena

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Taste yako ni mbovu.2024 abstain ama improve on your taste


Jehova!!! And You are Seriously Proud of Yourself…


Hii ni 100 each.


Mimi Bora ass ni kubwa

  1. Ivet Uthiru

  1. Jane, Koma

  1. Mimi…Deaf/ dumb Kawangware

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tombwa kabisa malaya hii, mbwa koko mzee shoga takataka. umbwaa tsjne




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Just posting in case you spot your mother in the pics

  1. Maasai, Fedha

  1. Wendy

  1. Msoh

  1. Rongai MILF

  1. Dont take pics when eyes are closed

  2. No hair shaving. Dame aende salon.

  3. Old mamas out

  4. Fat mamas out

  5. Dame aende dentist. Missing any teeth = out

Final conclusion. Apart from ivet pipeline not uthiru and 1 or 2 others.

The list is below average.

Also 15 are rookie numbers

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man wtf is this?

1,3, 9 maybe. all the others I wouldn’t touch even after kumeza tembo mpaka asubuhi

@MajorProphet this is a major improvement away from the gayshit you keep on posting…tombana kabisa bora unaingiza kwa kinembe sio mikundu ya wanaume

I don’t agree with your actions, but I understand them. Carry on, my wayward son.


Glad niliquit lanyes hapo Niko sure umespend over 100k

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Number 11 jina ya peddle Zuena…siku hizi yuko Kangundo road…

Inbox number ya Aggy kahawa west

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I thought you were a raging homosexual