Body Positivity Hypocrisy.



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Btw ,I personally have nothing against Plus sized women.
I don’t endorse making fun of them for their weight.

Shida ni when someone like me ,who works out and stays in shape
is called fatphobic when I only want to date someone with a similar lifestyle.

Hii ujinga iishe.

I personally dislike fat people. I am ugly, but at least I am not fat.

Mimi I’m very clear about the fact that I hate fat bitches. Slim thick always.

Kaa ukona sura personal unga atleast.

Cut throat:D:D:D

:D:D:D Lakini there’s one who fascinates me. She’s fat yes lakini very pretty with no hanging meat, alafu she has a killer fashion sense. I’m yet to understand how her body operates. That one would make a true plus-size model, sio hizi tucker tucker zingine.

I can stand fat black bitches because atleast wako sawa ([SIZE=1]but not fuckable[/SIZE][SIZE=5])[/SIZE]juu ya melanin lakini white fat bitches bruh. Those people were not designed to be fat kabisa. Yaani wanakaa some grotesque figures kabisa. West Africans especially Ghanaians and Nigerians marry them ndio wapate US Passport halafu wanawadivorce juu there is no way you can stay with a 150 pound person in the same house.

Obese men with saggy asses , man boobs and thick thighs are a major turn off. Kwanza wale trouser huingia hapo katikati ya sijui balls , nah !
If you find a woman with such a man hapo ni wallet imemuokolea. We are automatically wired to fvck and procreate with prime meat.

Haiya ,your plus sized kumbe?:D:D

Sema tu gavana awiti.[ATTACH=full]401425[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]401426[/ATTACH]

African Americans marry them for status.

I’ve never understood why they would prefer an overweight white woman over a black woman.

We’ve all met atleast one fine plus sized girl who changed our mind.
Hata mimi I know one.Thinking of going for some this weekend.

It’s just the expectation that as a fit man If I don’t date someone plus sized then I’m fatphobic.
Dumbest logic ever - I’ll go for who I want bana ,take your insecurities elsewhere.

Also there is a difference btwn. being fat and PHAT also fat and Bbw .

Let’s be honest here. Nobody likes fat people. Being fat is a disadvantage regardless of your gender. Let’s not glorify unhealthy lifestyles to be politically correct. For each kilo you add above the 25 BMI, you lose a few points in sexual attractiveness.

Rather than focus on health implications people are leaning towards vanity?

Kuna some level of bbw are such a turn on…yani that bitch is thick…mimi sipendi vitu petite ata kama anakula gym aje

Sure, most marry them because of their status. I wonder how fat bitches in Eastern Europe survive. :D:D:D. Eastern Europeans are the poorest Caucasians (but richer than Africans still :()

Everyone has a type.

I can’t even picture a fat eastern European.
It’s usually western European or North American White women who are fat.

Mc Donalds diet.