Body healing

imagine if your body was able to regrown lost parts. imagine your body being able to regrow arms, fingers, legs, toes, ears etc. imagine if you could regrow a tooth the way a shark or crocodile does if you lost the one you had.

That teeth one is the most necessary. Adults are suffering out here because of carelessness in their younger years.

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dont remind me man. i am in a place where i am losing a tooth because a bloody dentist did a bad job. inaniuma sana. imagine taking care of your teeth, brushing twice a day, flossing only for an incompetent dentist to destroy it. and she doesnt want to take responsibility for it. unarudi kwa mtu and she is busy suggesting a root canal, i almost chocked that bitch to death.

You should have! Ungenyonga yeye kabisa! Tooth ache is a such a bitch! Hio kitu imewai fanya karibu nilale na miguu zikiguza ceiling board hio side ya jaw pekee ndio iguze kitanda coz that was the only comfortable position the whole night.