Body count at 59 so far


Someone remind me of Darwin’s theory on survival…

Should be renamed ShakaHorror

Mliambiwa ati religion is the opium of the masses. Dont be shocked.

Makenzie is a legend

He is a legend for the wrong reasons


Na hii nugu inasakata rumba. Bure kabisa. Ngombe ici

That man must be part of other criminal activities. He might have exploited his followers sexually also

Feelings aside, and the crazy burials aside, tofauti ya huyu na wa maandamano ni nini? This is just another man with convincing power. Jaribu kuuzia mtu idea aikubali this deep na haumlipi, and you’ll realize this is a gifted man.

Makenzie would be a very good friend to Bill Gate or George Soros. He is single handedly trying to mitigate carbon emissions by culling brain deficient negroes without bullets or viruses.

Bill gates will buy him his freedom apelekwe West Africa apunguze Pupolation huko.

#Ordinary Negro Hana Akili

Wewe ni umbwa tu kama huyo Makende

This is the power of religion. When Moses ordered the Levites to kill those who worshipped the calf and that day “3000 Israelites fell” , how did he convince them? Aliwaambia, “Si mimi nimesema muwachinje, ni God!” If you want people to obey you just convince them they are really doing God’s bidding and not yours. Hata hizo 10 Commandments za Moses, if he existed, he is the one who came up with that shit akasema ni God amemtuma nazo :smiley: hekaya tupu