Boda boda thuggery, watch as rider threatens to stab PSV rider

Thursday, 29 July 2021 – There was drama on a busy highway after a rogue Boda Boda rider chased after a matatu driver and threatened to stab him with a knife, following an altercation.

A shocking video shared online by Edgar Obare shows the rider brandishing a knife and threatening to stab the matatu driver.

The driver sped off to the nearest police station before the worst happened.

According to a passenger who recorded the daylight drama, the Boda Boda rider disappeared after the matatu driver went to seek help from a nearby police station.

In the shocking video, frightened female passengers can be heard screaming for help as the matatu driver speeds the vehicle to safety.


Hios hysteria ya wamama ina udthi kweli,

Si ange-swerve askume hio ghaseer na huko kabla kuenda police steshen?


Hiyo ni kawaida ya ma oestrogen ikichemuka kwa mwili. Faggs behave the same too

More than ever before the general public is aware of income disparity, and they will take out their envy and frustration upon those they presume to be the source of their poverty.

That boda guy is very daft: a vehicle is also a weapon–if push came to shove he, with his bike and knife, could easily have been pushed off the road to his death by the mat.

Ningempanda yeye na hio piki mkebe yake kama bump.

Labda huyo boda boda thug ni mungiki.

It’s the right time for those thugs to be removed from the road. Bodas have a responsibility to be law abiding citizen but they gladly choose anarchy and chaos. This will be bad for the industry but beneficial to the nation.

…watu wa Boda ni kadhalika Ile you do your best to avoid.

Nishawahi skuma mmoja akalamba udongo

The poor take it out on other poor people, the rich are well protected and the police and entire GOK and legal apparatus is ON THEIR SIDE.

Kwani hiyo matatu haina kioo ama one can stab through a widow?

Poor or rich is relative. Whatever you consider being poor, someone else consider it being rich and vice versa.

I said they take it out on those they presume to be the source of their poverty, it could be the rich as well as the struggling poor.

@MachaaWaHadithi mbona unabebea watu kisu?

Rich is relative. What you perceive to be richness to one person is poverty to another

This matatu man is unnecessarily cowardly. There is no way I can be intimidated by a nduthi guy even if I was in a vitz. Never! You just time an oncoming trailer and edge this fool onto its path. Or swerve and encourage the fool to take a dive into a trench. Possibilities are endless. You can also produce a mathiokore (hiyo rungu ya Alai) and toss it into his face. If he survives he will proclaim Jesus as his personal savior. You should never entertain these arseholes’ behavior.

Saa hizo ni kitu kidogo kama hii.