Boda boda operator in Bungoma with his Jiko Jeupe from Americani

LOL. Anapelekwa masafa marefu round Kakamega Forest, these white women love long distance shtick. Ule wa mukorino prefered cuddling but Samburu and Lunje men we know why these women love you, mrenda yote na ugali ya kisiagi inaishia kwa kitanda. Anyway tunakaribisha wageni, welcome and hope hayatawashinda murudi kwenu. As for Kenyan ladies keep on importing nywele ngumu locals only for them to leave you for a jungu. If a black man in Kenya can’t let a white lady pass him and the way they are few and far between, na wewe uko kwao, you refuse to marry white men, you start importing them wakifika huko they leave you for a white woman. White skin privilege is real my sisters. Shiendeni hapo muki import black men mutashangaa. The ultimate desire of a black man is to marry a white woman.

There is less than 1% chance of dating a viable white female as a foreigner in another country. You have a better chance of winning sportpesa jackpot than dating a viable white woman abroad. Unless uko willing kukamua nyanya. Stop creating an illusion in your head that you believe. Kenyan men are not suddenly finding white females all over the world to date.

Kama umeamua kuja na kaguka kenya hatutakataa. At this point, we have become desensitized to Kenyans females’ antics. Bora kakuwe na pesa. it is shameful to have a shriveled dick that is also poor dipping in your pot.

Wanyonyi amefunga mabao mawili, quick fast.:D:D

Inaitwa securing the asset.