Boda boda guy who saved Diana from Willy Paul resurfaces

Will Paul should have just kept his big mouth shut. Atasota. All his deals will be canceled ako na kesi ya defamation infact if all his victims combine, they can sue him for damages and I know FIDA can do their case for free. And that’s how at arudi Eastlandos kama mchezo.

Gloria Muliro alimtoa gizani akamweka kwenye mwanga, alipopata senti akaamua kumtoroka Mungu akarudi gizani. Sasa haya na mengi yatakayomfuata ndio matunda ya gizani.

Ange stick to gospel music, angekua na heshima na maisha ya kupendeza.

Willy Paul ego is too big, even after seeing how DK and the other guy’s careers including Mr. Seed are affected by scandals he thought he’s too talented people will just ignore his misdeeds. His career is about image no company will make you their brand ambassador when you are associated with all kinds of nasty things.

who is this ???

Most likely hired. Diana got some good D, now wants to play people for fools sijui how many years later, Bahati hapa ndio victim. Tumewazoea

Yap. Mwingine najua atapiga nduru hivi karibuni ni Bahachieth.

I really don’t follow local celebrities gossips…the bodaboda guy is what caught my attention coz I was his teacher in highschool

Wapi effidense? With all this clout chasing we can not trust your own mother to say the truth. Umelipwa na Willy ama na Diana

Victim gani when video are hitting millions and his family is getting paid by YT meanwhile kawilly with his big mouth, his song has like 20k views, sponyo wamemtoka. My fren usicheze Bahati and family. They can finish you. Kaa kwa lane yako, imba wimbo zako, don’t diss people’s wives, hizi beefs ndio zilifanya Tupac afe ati diss tracks of how he slept with Faith Evans. Willy anacheza na moto. Leave people’s wives and their music alone. We fagia kwako.

All I see here is Mr. and Mrs. Bahati laughing all the way to the bank. We ngoja kwanza the defamatory diss track. I’m telling you Willy will surely regret the day his penis told him to chase Diana.

Ya Nini Sasa? Ama Nani? :D:D

Hujapata bwana