Boda boda fight back

NIS iko incompetent haijui threat to national security humaanisha nini. motor bikes kenya zafaa kuwa za kenya power na posta only. vijana waingie shambani walime.

I agree with you. You can’t have kenyas most productive labour force/age group idling daily in shopping centres waiting for wathii instead of being busy in farms, quarries, lakes fishing etc. or even acquiring marketable skills in TVETS and colleges. Then jioni wanapitia wines and spirits.

Na watu wa delivery services kama wells Fargo na Uber eats?

Instead of spending 100k to buy a boda one would rather buy a dairy cow that produces 30 litres per day giving one ksh 1200 per day. And you have a new calf after every 9 months which can be sold at 50k after 6 months. The business can be upscaled mpaka the young man can be making 10k per day unlike hii boda where one is stuck at 500 bob or lower per day forever. Then siku ile watoto wataitisha school fees you’d have to sell the boda.

Isorait, let us make motorbikes expensive, cheapest should be 250k

kama wakenya watakula junk food waiendee wao wenyewe, wafanye exercise, nhif yetu iko broke, hospitali hakuna, madaktari wamekuwa wakora, watu wachunge afia yao,

NIS inafaa kufrustrate importers ikishirikiana na KRA.

Hapo sasa umenena

That would be a great time for smugglers from neighboring countries

Naona hapa kuna wajuwaji wengi sana wakisema watu wa boda warudi ocha walime, I wonder how many here have tried hio kilimo wapewe character development na kilimo !
Not all bodas are bad , believe me I have had my issues with them but what the govt is doing is wrong ! you can use such a broad brush !
Lets not forget this industry went rouge under the same drunk president and they same police bosses who sat by as it rot, ignoring all the complains from the public , sasa kazi niku uwa mbu na nyundo for 1 week then things will be back to the crazy normal.

Where are the farms? A youth born in githurai hata hajawai ona shamba. Ataenda alime wapi?

Kuna askari hapo amepigwa na mtungi ya gas

I think gavaa was tired of this jamass they just wanted a reason to fuck them, and tighten the loop hole

Story ya jaba. Are you a motivational speaker?

In cities like NYC…tu prevent kila mtu akuwe bodah bodah…they had a medallion system…allocating x number of taxi licences to y cities…and allowing the free market to bid and there after trade for this medallions…that would do wonders to Kenyan transport sector in my mind…

Eg. Take Thika town local government auctions 500 bodah medallions…Thereafter those medallions can be traded in a free market…proceeds of the auction to go to local youth businesses etc.

A little tweaking of tried and working systems…nothing new under this sun


Kwanza vile mbegu na fertilizer ziko na Bei …then brokers allover wanabuy products zako at a throw away price…

It’s sad bringing a child to such an environment bana. Gava iwache upuss.

Two factions of THUGS fighting