Bob Collymore on security issue

This is a correction to a previous thread that criticised the newly launched security cameras by safaricom, I am now 90% sure this will be helpful after I listened to this guy(Bob) explain those camera will operate en help police to identify criminals in the CBD.
He said if cops are hunting for a specific person they will run a facial recognition software in their command center they will be able to pic up an image from all their cameras en identify the particular person from the crowd.
…He also mentioned about 5000 cops have already been issued with mobile gadgets that streams live coverage from those cameras…(.Damn no where to run now)
To conclude he stated that he was given 2yrs by the govt to prove to them that this is really effective en can really work otherwise he won’t get paid.

Lol mimi siwes sign such kind of contract. To create such a system you should have done prior survey na ujue that it will work. So mbona ningojee 2 years ndio nilipwe?

Just hooe that corruption ya kenyan police force wont let us down

5000 cops? kwisa

lazima akue alichukua kadeposit ivi for purchasing those equipments

The system works alright (if the TV series Person of Interest is anything to go by). However, with the Kenyan police and their hopelessly corrupt ways, i have no hopes.

The same cops who handle evidence with bare hands? If they don’t even know how to wear gloves, are we supposed to believe they can run facial recognition software?

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no . The command center is run by totally different people (not cops) highly trained" He said…so kama askari anataka kuficha evidence there will be another source of evidence

Many deals of that scale work like that. Plus ni kama gava imekupatia I.O.U. 2yrs is a short time for sijui how many billion.
Plus niko sure that the government gave a deposit.

I also saw the interview. He said phase 1 of the project has been running for 2 days. Phase 2 ends in Oct and the last phase in Nov.

This is a step in the right direction



Ziko juu sana Huwes fikia ivi ivi. Btw they are on highways too sio cbd alone.

He was asked the same question and said why would anyone try to vandalize a camera knowing that he/she is being recorded.

Hii Kenya yetu nothing is impossible. Unless hio recording centre ikuwe kwa space corruption will always carry the day.

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Yule dere wa nyali ako space so we are covered.

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When will the vandal wear the mask and not get detected by passers by?

It can work if command center guys don’t collaborate with cops, infact they shudnt even meet

hehe. you still remember that matatu driver? The only listing that didn’t require mbisha as evidence

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For old Times

Hehehe…how were Thika highway streetlights vandalized?

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At night when it’s raining heavily , that’s What thugs who break into people’s homes do.