Bob Collymore left millions to wife Wairimu

Former Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore left all his Kenyan wealth estimated at hundreds of millions of shillings to his wife Wambui Kamiru.

I will not share any other stories on the wife.

Ule dame ni wa Nyeri ama?

Kwani ulitarajia lipi?

Ongeza new twist digi

Oh well. He couldn’t really take it with him.

Jeffa koinango anakula vizuri

Eeh ni WA kwetu Mathira

Ngai!! Pengine wanapatiana High Fives na winks with Serah Wairimu

Eh macani nimarehe?

Sio hivyo. Both of them are innocent. Cohen was murdered by the system while Bob died of ‘system’ related cancer. Fungua macho kijana. Nyeri women don’t kill their husbands. Kabete ones are famous for that


Ha ha hii story imefanya huyo bibi aandike a long thread complaining.

Collymores mother is still alive. Hangemwachia hata 10%

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Collymore’s mum told you so?

Wachana na bibi ya marehemu akule pesa yake pole pole na mwenye antaka bila kusumbua.

The will leaves the wife with 100% dummy.

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]A thousand apologies your worship, I’m certain a senior counsel such as yourself has access to said 100% will

Mimi kuna kitu sielewi… she married a ceo, a public figure. Reporting is what the media does when it’s a public figure, we gossip and then we move on. Hadi Mutula Kilonzo tulipata post mortem, receipts na follow up gossip, then we moved on:D:D. So, why is the media under fire for reporting about this?

Uafrika ndio inakusumbua. Africans ndio huwachiana vitu ile unapata every busy body anataka kitu kutoka kwa marehemu. Collymore hakua mwafrika. More like Obama. Save for the skin, there was nothing African about them. Else they would have looted Safaricom and the US dry.