BMW630I, 2005,3000CC, SUNROOF, MILEAGE 131850, SELLING AT 1.1 M 0723343588

hiyo swali my banker ndio anaweza jibu

Now I know a talker who takes lunch there…

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You know I do too…

Ata naenda uko sahizi…Maroon top na kamdame amevaa mini

@Alchemist mbicha ikuom ya huyu mjamaa akiwa na kamdame kamevaa mini


kTalk CSI wanakuom

This car is under priced. Should be Kes. 1.65m and above… Have you tried selling it in other markets outside Kenya? Export it if guys here are offering less than $14,500/-

Kuja hapa parkland Baptist church westie,utaiona.It has been in that parking for ages atleast since I started going for lunch at a cafe situated there 2yrs ago.Hii ni ya mtu amemaliza kulea

petrol and maintaince are draining someones bank…

kuna hoteli ingine hapo across the road kwa osiepe…very good.

No axela comes with two doors bro :smiley:

These type of cars need a complete computer diagnostic not Omondi the mechanic from jua kali.