BMW630I, 2005,3000CC, SUNROOF, MILEAGE 131850, SELLING AT 1.1 M 0723343588

price reduced from 1.45M






pussy piper ina shida yeyote?

where is the catch?

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no catch. Come with your most qualified mechanic and do a thorough sweep of the car at either parklands baptist or oilibya westlands


mbesha ya petroli imekwisha eeh?

Sponsor amekufa?


High mileage and expensive parts. That’s the catch.


EEEeeh. I know you love your car or rather regard it highly. This is kenya and that is a KBM 2010/2011 import, eeeh…two door…two passengers, eeeeh…big v something engine, eeeeh… bimmer?..eeeh… hiyo bei ni sanaa. 750-800 kataenda na kijana anajichocha hivi. Kweli ama rongo.


I currently drive a 2 door car nothing close to that though

I may not be buying but 130k kms is not high mileage for a modern big engine. That should comfortably clock 1m kilometers if well taken care of. However this car is most likely 2003/2004 model and ought to cost no more than 800k.


I thought wewe ni msee wa mazda

Only in Kenya where that Toyota Auris in the back ground will get more higher offers than the BMW.


sponser amekufa

we “Maina” pia niko na Mecrc C200 ya 2002 nataka uniuzie

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A bit too old for that price.

this is a joke…i saw this thing in 2012 kwa olx…haujawai uza

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Hi gari naionganga pale Parklands Baptised church nikienda kula lunch.I guess ni ya Pastor

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na kama ilinunuliwa na kuuzwa tena?

mimi ndio sponsee maybe Ben10 amekufa. kuna vacancy