BMW-Berlin marathon.

Hehe…some Nandis I’m enjoying the race with.
Is it true?

they may be right:D:D

Kipchoge will break the record

if so then its a good training ground for armateurs for future champions

The first one to drop is his personal pacemaker, he is too good they can’t keep up today

eliud kipchoge is in a class of his own

They are not ameteurs, kipchoge’s pacemaker is a seasoned half marathon runner

Fence sitting tu… :smiley:

He has no competition here.He is running against the clock and the time to beat is 2:02:57

Kipsang’s pace setter has failed

Eliud Kipchoge will win but now its all about the time.

Weka screenshot ng’ombee hii watu wako mithaaa waone.

less than 9min remaining more than 2km to go i doubt if he will break the world record but definately he is winning

It will be obliterated, I knew it at 30k

More funding Cannot happen unless we have Chinese coaches and trainers!

The record will be smashed.

Yep because Chinese win marathons and are superior long distance runners


Most likely 2hrs 1 mins either way the record is being broken.

2:01:40 The New WR for Eliud Kipchoge, the greatest of all time.