When you say ‘hi’, start a convo and she ignores you;

Rule No. 1 - Do not send another message no matter what

Rule No. 2 - Never send another message again

Rule No. 3 - After many days she will hallal back, try to start a convo (she has either hit the wall, broke, depressed, stressed, horny, etc) - ignore ignore bluetick bluetick

Rule No. 3 - she will beg and even speak not well because you have ignored her (boychild you have the upper hand now)

Rule No. 4 - Go for the kill rudely with no mercy

If you want a woman to tell you 20k, 10k, 5k, give you her shit and demands for a puthy, be a beta male flooding her with messages and calls, after her like her fart.

When you she ignores you and you flood her the more after her attention - she has the upper hand

When you ignore you and she floods you with messages even abusing you - you have the upper hand

Only the person with the upper hand dictates the terms

Leta graph and piechart supported with diagrams and photos to support your theory

@jmoy is a beta bitch

@jmoy kunguru amekunyima pussy

I agree na rule no.1…akikupa blue tick usitume msg ingine…i do this even with my relatives…sina time ya kuonyesha desperation

When you ignore you and she floods you with messages even abusing you - you have the upper hand ?how now

[SIZE=7]The Person Who Cares Less Always Has The Power In A Relationship[/SIZE]

As soon as a woman shows a man any interest whatsoever, it usually isn’t long before our interest in her begins to dwindle.

It’s not by design, and it certainly doesn’t stem from an opposition to attention – it’s just instinct.

People will forever want what they can’t have, and men are no different – especially when it comes to women – which is why we’d much rather waste our time pursuing women who are out of our league or want nothing to do with us.

This notion is something formally identified as the “principle of least interest,” which pretty much grants the upper hand in any relationship to the one who gives the least amount of f*cks about it.

For instance, when she starts ignoring your texts – it’ll only make you want to text her more often.
A few weeks back, however, when she was texting you three to four times throughout the morning, you wanted no part of her.

And you’re not exactly sure why.

very true but point of correction…Never have this mentality that a certain woman or women are above your league…do not harbor this type of crap…ever…!!

Ukona point lakini endea refund ya fees yako ya English