Bluesky Is Here To Compete Twitter

[SIZE=7]Bluesky is starting to feel like Twitter[/SIZE]

Bluesky might be the Twitter-like we’ve been waiting for.
Yes, I know it’s still invite-only. Yes, I know there are only thousands of people on the platform right now. Yes, I know that it’s still missing table-stakes features like video uploads and DMs.
Still, I’m starting to feel that Bluesky is where it’s at.
It happened over the last few days. Bluesky — the decentralized Twitter alternative spun up by Twitter itself — has suddenly filled up with tech media and other people I follow on Twitter. Over and over again, I would check Twitter for one thing or another and see somebody begging for a Bluesky invite, then just a little while later, that person would be in my Bluesky skyline (timeline) and skeeting (tweeting). While that means I might be able to use Bluesky for actual newsgathering, which is what I rely on Twitter most for, I was most happy to see the vast majority of those news hounds and former Twitter obsessives posting with a raw, deranged energy that I haven’t seen in a very long time.

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Bluesky is in demand.

From celebrities like Chrissy Teigen to politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, people are making their way to Twitter’s newest social media rival, and at a faster pace than ever before. The company said in a Thursday post on its own platform that it had experienced the “biggest single-day jump in new users” ever, noting a twofold increase in users compared with the day before.


The surge in demand was so great that the service needed downtime to upgrade. The app is still only in its beta testing phase, and can only be downloaded with an invite from another user. Bluesky has been downloaded 375,000 times from the Apple app store worldwide since its launch in February, according to, a consumer data insights group.

Part of what may be driving the frenzy surrounding Bluesky may be the sheer frustration of Twitter users. The app has had a number of outages in recent months, and in April, Twitter took blue check marks from verified accounts in favor of its paid-subscription-only model.

But Twitter’s fall from grace, and Bluesky’s rise in popularity, have more connections than one would think. The new, invite-only platform was actually funded by Twitter initially, the brainchild of co-founder Jack Dorsey, even before he became a vocal backer of Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase. And Musk reportedly ended the company’s ties with Bluesky when he took over Twitter.

Representatives at Bluesky and Twitter did not immediately return Fortune’s request for comment. [/I]

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