Blues come here....

The government wants all kids registered on NEMIS, deadline was today but has been extended by 30 days. Here is the catch. Under this system every child MUST have a father. All kids have fathers but this means that all details must appear on the database. If you know you have a school going child out there, please get your ID photocopied and keep it ready . The mother will be coming for it. While at it, prepare your pocket, child support utalipa upende usipende. Ohh this would also be a good time to come clean to your main women. Otherwise nikuvaa mtavaa condoms!

he he he…utaambiwa DNA kabla…

Hiyo utapewa bila hustle if it means catering for school fee and the likes…

What say you about the man raising another man’s kid cc @Quanstrom .The guy should stop ??? Its high time you also think positive about men too.

Already did for my children by today. Its says at least one parent should sign. However the birth certificate must be attached. Good move. Its seals a lot of loopholes in the education sector.

nimekimbia nikidhani unaita watu Wa Chelsea, isokei isorait.

:D:D:D:D:Dna vile tuko tense!

Feminazi utaolewa lini?
ION: Mbegu yangu ni pure breed…

Iko shida mahali , this feminazi government want to finish boychild and break our stable families.

Labda nikimbizwe kwa maraga.

The anti-Singomatha Brigade under sieke! Mturandhom jifiche.

I find it a good move until we get to those singomathas who genuinely DO NOT KNOW who the seeder was and have long accepted that reality. Kama wale wa one-night-stand, au poko aliyepasukiwa, rape victims, anonymous donor-sperm recipient, etc.

In this day and age of ignoring court orders and government directives I see this getting ignored. I’m glad

I thought it was still on a trial Phase with a few Schools???
Halafu si ni shule registering and not parents???

Actually most single moms who has BCs with no fahers names are the ones troubled. Utampata wapi na alikuruka ukiwa 1 month paged??

You are blissfully ignorant of you think you can tie down “men-about-town” na ma-ujinga DNA test. Uliza story uambiwe.

That’s really nice makofi ya kilo kwake

The day I decide to.

Mtoto hana makosa

Say what you want so that you get to sleep at night