Unataka blood pressure issues kijanaa…just to impress a gal who probably doesn’t even like you…jipende kwanza kasee

ingia chemist itisha VEGA 100 , ni 100 kshs . usitishwe hakuna kitu kama kukufa

I have used one ya 100mg.what I did is split 2 times. Kunywa like 45 mins before game. Utaskia sides effects like increase heart rate, kuskia kulala etc. First round was not that long but second round I had to give up. It was unending… Cost ilikuwa punch for 4 tablets

If you have blood pressure or heart problems don’t take. Also don’t mix with alcohol

Hii kitu imemaliza lawyer cuzo wangu hapo kitengela 2 weeks ago be very careful…

Bossman you may have undiagnosed health issues. go to your doctor to do a complete physical. Sio ile ya damu pekee. Complete blood , heart monitor, physical, wakuweke paka juu ya treadmill. Kuna kasoro pahali. Or your drug was 200mg.

Hekaya? Ali meza ngapi?


That 52 year old Kitengela lawyer was your cousin? It was said he swallowed two pills which is against what is recommended by doctors.

Guys if a must you take take 50 mg or less don’t go to 100mg. Or take 100mg split twice

Wrong advice. Never take any drugs unless prescribed by a doctor. Most of the people taking blue pills abuse them. They either overdose, take them with alcohol, take them with other drugs or even take them with underlying problems. Remedy for disaster and early death.

blood pressure drugs have similar ingredients as viagra

hii peer pressure bana :D:D:D wewe kunywa ukitaka kukufa kufa… i never understand why a man would go to such extremes just to sexually satisfy a woman