I just need it. You may judge or advice me, Idc. Where can I find them “cheaply.?” I know the effects but I still need them. Give me links guys

Turdmin niaje?

you want to die?

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Sio lazima you impress a woman. You are the one who asked for sex not her. If she want satisfaction ajiitishie ajibambe to her fullest otherwise usiwe punda kaka.

Unataka link ya chemist ama? Hizo vitu ni otc


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I know. It’s my intention to do it

An honest 30 seconds is better than an early obituary :smiley:

As a person who has experience with using a blue pill before; my advice to you is to avoid it completely. Kubali tu dakika zako mbili ama tatu. This drug can kill you.

Leta hekaya

Avoid that thing…better u chew mukombero it’s much way safer than the blue pill…

You don’t need them. You are in the last stages of turning gaaaay. DM pharmacy akutumie nudes

Be open with the lady you’re shagging about your ED or Premature,let her support you.This will reduce anxiety which is of great help.Pointers;1.Chapa roadwork min 4km 2times a week,it will open up blood vessels.2.Quit makali and frequency of alcohol intake .3.Kunyonga is a No.4.Take citrus fruits daily.Observe this utakuwa farasi naturally.

Kijana, Heli uhai kuliko kutobana.

Hii uko sure ilikuwa viagra?

Umesoma kila kitu kweli? Kama umesoma ungenotice nimetaja Vega 50 generic drug ya Viagra.

Eeh, naitambua…nimewahi tumia mara kadhaa when my 20 year old gal akiniletea dame extra…could you be having an undiagnosed heart issue? because hizo side effects I can assure you sio kawaida

Nope I am as healthy as a horse. Side effects kama gani?

Tafuta place wanauza ‘power uji’. A much healthier alternative to viagra. Utacheza game hadi 120 mins