Blue handles.

What’s your sexual preferences. What is the best sex for ya? Does utter submissiveness in bed work for you?
What foreplay works for you? Who has been married for ages and still has good good sex with s/o?
Please include hekaya za the best sex you have ever had na why it was so…

Niggas with insults, make them short. :).

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Got no time for foreplay, otherwise I have found myself cumming during these foreplay sessions only to be left staring at the ikus but not doing anything further than that ([SIZE=1]yaani too close yet too far[/SIZE])


Kaa tu hapo majibu zinakuja.

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Suck le balls, le ass, le dick = hard like a meteorite

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Leta hekaya complete kwanza ndio elders wakupe mawaidha.


submissiveness …


anza na hekaya yako kwanza.


Works both ways by the way.
It’s a huge turn on to submit

Wah utasaidiwa aje!

I also like it too, sio kidame kiseme hakitaki nimwage haraka and when I try to control coz I feel like cumming kinatingiza kiuno disrupting my control in the process and I end up gushing like a horse. Napenda msichana asonge na rhythm yangu, nikirelax naye arelax



Mwanamke ni jiko akirelax moto itazima urudiye kupepeyaa tena


Describe submission. What does the term submission mean to you?

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hapa sijui nianzie wapi …hoya kwanza

Wacha nirudie, coz nikimwaga haraka ni shida pia

Sijui mbona maboy huogopa kumwagaa mapema…izo vitu zinafaa zitokeee

Unasip whisky unarecharge unaendelea

Ata ukule dame 6 hours hakuna trophy


The issue ni nikimwaga mapema mzito takes hours before atii tena, saa iyo dame ameboeka yake yote mpaka anajifinger

Ukimwaga anakupea bj inaamka tena.


You are right, I think I need to evaluate the chics I hang out with as most are selfish with BJ. BJ after sex ni sawa, but not before as nikimwaga the torture to get mzito up begins

Just wash your dick kwa sink, achukue hizo strepsils and do her magic like the slut she is. Hata unafaa ku-cum kwa mdomi yake ameze just for fun. If she can’t do that, she isn’t your girlfriend bro. Just an imposter