Blow to NASA as court of appeal allow Al Ghurair to print the presidential papers

a victory to Kenyan and the IEBC as the appeal court revert high court ruling to block Dubai based company to print presidential ballot papers. now election is on 8 th August.
the ruling said “We are Unable to find evidence that IEBC’s choice of direct procurement was to avoid competition. It was because of limited time,” and continued " The ballot papers tender is single, inseparable and indivisible, cannot be split"


Boss,we had a live thread…

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Had High court blocked it?

Yes pokea like my friend.

Victory for Kenya.

Neffa efa be PORK!

Mnataka vitendawili ama maendeleo??(WSR, 2017)


sasa wataitwa korti bandia.


The High Court stopped the printing of presidential ballot papers and allowed other to proceed now tender cannot be separated

My thinking was it stopped printing because of lack of public participation. So IEBC ingeita watu wawili watatu then iambie al kuraiya wa print hakungekuwa na shida.

In fact if IEBC, after the meeting with akina Aukot, who was also clueless about what public participation was,called al kuraya that evening na kuwaambia print presidential ballot papers,there would have been no problem. After all the high court had trashed nasa prayers about al kuraiya. Nobody had stopped al kuraiya from printing ni hizi tu pang’ang’a za nasa and their talking heads on tv who insinuated that shait

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sometime when you have an interested judge heading a court that the start of the problem our society is experiencing. when we allow our emotion to control our did and forgo the merit associated to the process. High court Judge must learn listen and act rather than act then listen.

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Public interest overides public participation