Blow to FIDA as push for divorced couples to share wealth equally is thrown out

Women wanting to have their cake and eat it too, not today!
You can’t claim to wan’t equality then push for such nonsense as this.
These aren’t the olden days where women were considered to be useless and unintelligent, kazi yao ni kuzaa na kulea watoto.
You have proven that you are intelligent and capable & can very much do what a man can do, so why try and push for such nonsense? Just because you had my child doesn’t mean you’re entitled to half my earnings or wealth. I won’t abandon my child just because we’re not together or we’re getting a divorce, and unless a child is still breastfeeding, I can take care of them just as well as you would, 50/50 custody. You set yourself up on your end and I’ll do the same on mine.
You’re not defenseless women who need to be protected by the law anymore, and if you push for such nonsense, the message you put across is that you don’t truly believe we’re equals, or you’re just vengeful and angry, just out to fuck men over.

All that does is to contribute to you not being taken seriously in society…

I share the same anger

They want equal benefits and privileges but not equal responsibility

Am on my fifth beer now.hawa madame are heartless mi a tell can i hustle 4 20 yrs n u claim my assets coz of ua ass

At least we know there’s a few people out there looking out for us. If it were up to women I swear we’d be their slaves.
We need more people like Cyprian Nyakundi educating men on how to deal with these women, if you’re weak you can easily get fucked over