Bloody dentists

we have half baked dentists nowadays. so last year, i went for a routine check up and it happened that one of my tooth had a ‘cavity’ which to me didnt have any problems on my overall health. dentist naye akasema it needs filling which i was skeptical but since wanasemanga doctors are right, i gave her the benefit of the doubt. that bloody dentist did a bad job since meno yenyewe ilibaki na sensitivity issues which turns out she did a deep filling which led to an irritated nerve leading to sensitivity. nimetembelea a few dentists wananiambia root canal which doesnt come cheap ranging from 15k - 30k. thats too much to preserve when you are going to extract it anyway. seems that there is no option apart from extraction ama root canal. extraction siipendi since itaacha nafasi and I dont want to have more exactractions since i did a molar extraction when i was a kid due to too much sweets. i have done two fillings on my teeth due to cavities because of taking too much sugary products. now the filled tooth has sensitivity on the root ukifinya kwa gum utaiskia and a boil developed on it, which burst open and now when pressed it removes a white liquid which i believe ni pus. this is the first time i am going to lose a tooth due to a person’s incompetence na meno yenyewe haikuwa na shida. root canal is a no no since a relative once did a root canal and it was botched where he ended up with a rotten tooth which he ended up removing anyway, root canals are also not safe since bacteria still remains in the tooth. is there any way this tooth can be saved without extraction or root canal? Ama nikubali tu imeenda I extract it.

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Mdomo chafu ni kama unakulaga meffi,I don’t blame the dentist


No need for the photo


Extract tu shida iishe

Fanyiwa root canal halafu uweke crown to protects the tooth since it’s very brittle.

i visited 3 different dentists yesterday to get a different opinion and ironically they all gave me the same advice. the pimple was a periapical abscess and to deal away with it i need to do a root canal therapy they were all against extraction. nimepewa anti biotics to take a for a week before i make an informed decision. i hate it but naona extraction is the only favourable solution. fuckin scumbag of a dentist led me to this.

Sema ni dentist place gani tusiwahi kanyanga huko


vimak dental in nairobi cbd. dentists huko wanacheza na meno ya watu bana. fuck them!

I suggest you visit the lady dentist here. I’ve seen her good work

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Wacha kukula uchafu

The only viable solution is root canal plus dental crowns, which won’t cost you less than 50K in a reputable clinic. Lakini kama wewe ni peasant ng’oa jino ukae man’guru like mkamba @PHARMACY


Not everyone who works on your teeth is a dentist. Some are community oral health workers, some are dental technologists and some didn’t even go to any form of dental school.
Nowadays you can check on the KMPDC website. And if you feel you can’t trust ordinary dentists you can always visit a consultant, though the fees will be higher

the tooth is already gone. i made peace with it. turns out the round pimple was an abscess and the said tooth was infected. did a root canal a few weeks ago but naona niking’oa tu. learned a lesson big time. meno ikiwai leta shida tena naenda just to a well known hospital for treatment not those shady dental clinics mushrooming from every corner. this is the 2nd tooth i will be losing overall, and the 1st i will be losing due to a person’s stupidity and incompentence.

Which hospital, had the same experience at kisii

hii haikufanywa kisii. ilifanywa nikiwa nai. it was some clinic in ICEA building called vimak dental. choose your dentist wisely.